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Whitfield County Board of Election Meeting 2/8/2024

Members present: Sparky Kelehear (Chair), Carol Byers, Rob Cowan
Registrar: Shaynee Bryson

Old business
a. Fincher polling location—S. Bryson reported the county is renovating the building, and it will
continue to be used as a polling location.

b. March 12 election—Bryson gave an update including times for early voting. They will be fully

c. 2024 local candidate qualifying—S. Kelehear said there will be quite a few local candidates.
Bryson gave the qualifying dates. They will know the official ballot on March 8.

d. May 21 SPLOST question—Bryson said she had previously reported there will be a SPLOST
question on the May 21 ballot. Nothing has changed.

New business
a. Tunnel Hill—Bryson report Tunnel will have a liquor by the drink question on the May 21 ballot.
b. Absentee ballots—Bryson said they will begin opening absentee ballots for the March 12 election early. They will begin tabulating them at 2:00 on March 12.

c. Poll watchers—Bryson said the parties have to submit letters on advanced voting poll watchers
by Feb 16. Election day letters are due March 8.

d. Precinct 4A polling location—Bryson said the building will be sold, and they will have to change
polling locations for this precinct after the June election.

e. Audits—Kelehear said Bryson has suggested they do a separate audit of all ballots in a randomly
selected precinct after March 12. The Sec of State will have a limited audit of two precincts of
randomly chosen ballots on March 20. Both audits will be open to the public.

f. The March board meeting will be on March 18 and include certification of March 12 election.

*These meeting notes were prepared by a volunteer

These meetings are open to the public by Georgia law.  

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