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Athens-Clarke County Board of Elections & Voter Registration February 13, 2024, 4:30 pm – 5:30 pm

Board Attendees: Willa Fambrough (vice chair), Hank Qadir (member), Rocky Raffle (chair),
Adam Shirley (secretary), Patricia Till (member)

Staff attendees: Charlotte Sosebee, Elections director, and six staff

A. Adopt Agenda
Motion by Till to add under New Business: Voter ID. Adopted unanimously. Revised
agenda adopted unanimously.

B. Approval of Minutes
Minutes for meetings of January 9 (special), January 23 (regular), and February 6
(special) approved unanimously.

C. Public Comment
J Elsner voiced appreciation for the State Board of Elections decision (3-2) to retain no-
excuse absentee voting.

D. Director’s Report
Sosebee presented January Activity Report, including Total Active Registered Voters of
69,358, mailing of over 84,000 new precinct cards to correct “mail” vs. “physical”
address (clerical error inputing data into complicated new GARVIS software system),
Spanish language signs ready for polling locations, and preparation for Presidential
Preference Primary (PPP) including poll worker training prior to March 12, and advance
voting locations/dates/times.

Qadir asked how errors in voter registration are determined; Sosebee explained thata
inconsistencies in data are noted by experienced staff. Qadir asked how many Spanish
language voters are registered; Sosebee said a report will be prepared by next meeting.
Shirley asked how many voters received the “wrong address” precinct card. Sosebee
said about 1,000.

E. Old Business
Feb. 6 Board Retreat: agreed one of the best team building activities in long time; well
organized to build understanding of duties and responsibilities.

F. New Business
Approval of 24 Poll Managers and 48 Assistant Managers for March Primary. Motion
to approve by Till/Shirley, approval unanimous.

Voter ID Issues (added agenda item at Till’s request)—Till wondered why Clarke county
is an outlier in regulating voter ID cards. Sosebee and staff noted vague state
regulations, fact that most counties do not issue cards in order to prevent illegal use of
card for purposes other than voting. Clarke County “follows the law” that stipulates the
issuing of voter ID cards upon request regardless of elections occurring or not, and then
reporting of any noted violations in use of the card.

G. Announcements
Eight voting deadlines February 19 – March 18.

H. Adjourn—Unanimous, 5:30 pm.

*These meeting notes were prepared by a volunteer

These meetings are open to the public by Georgia law.  

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