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In attendance:

Gabriel Shippy (D)

Kenneth Cochran (R)

Thomas Sandoval (R)

Kimberly Copeland (D)


Charlotte Sosebee (Chief Registrar & Director of Elections)

Terenda Sargent (Recording Clerk)

Declaration of a Quorum Present

Chairperson Sosebee began the meeting by announcing that there was a full quorum.

Adoption of Agenda

Chairperson Sosebee added to the agenda a discussion regarding a plan of action to purchase new equipment. The equipment purchase plan was added as item 6(c).

Old Business

Regarding the Flowery Branch special election runoff to fill city council seats, there was a voter turnout of 5.3%, compared to a voter turnout of 6.43% in the original, June election.

Chairperson Sosebee briefed the board on her registrar’s conference attendance, noting that Hall County would be going through redistricting and a presidential election at the same time.

New Business

Four hundred and ninety-three (493) new voters were approved in Hall County. Twenty-eight (28) voters were deleted from the rolls due to felony convictions.

The board needs to contact the following locations as soon as possible to determine whether they can serve as new precinct locations:

  • Pleasant Hill Baptist Church
    • Was commented on favorably by Member Copeland who noted plenty of outlets and space
    • Member Copeland agreed to make contact with the church to see if the board can use the space as a precinct location.
  • Celebrations Church on Thompson Mill
    • Member Cochran noted that he has made contact with this location.
  • Spout Springs Road Library
    • Member Cochran noted that the center may be logistically unsound. He cited possible difficulties with ensuring that the voting would take place in a separate room with a separate entrance (from the library itself).  He continued that it might be hard to house express polls in a space where people walking in to vote cannot see the screens.
    • Location is the Prince of Peace alternative
  • Mulberry Creek Community Center
    • Chairperson Sosebee offered to make contact.
    • Member Copeland noted that he had already looked at this location.
    • Note: the board is already using East Hall and North Hall Community Centers.
  • Murrayville Library (under consideration as possible location for Murrayville)
  • Considering giving Deacon Creek its own precinct

The board planned to make significant progress with precinct relocations next week. Chairperson Sosebee will have maps regarding changes/consolidations, etc. (the primary topic in that work session) and the board will discuss raising janitorial fee compensation for churches offering their spaces as polling facilities from one hundred dollars ($100) to two hundred dollars ($200).

Equipment Purchase Plan

  • Chairperson Sosebee admitted that she is aware of problems with thirty-nine (39) machines and that about half the machines in Hall County are fourteen (14) years old and are highly susceptible to failure.
  • FLAGGED: The board is required by law to have a warranty on all express polls and touch screens but Sosebee admitted that they currently do not have warranties on any of the the touch screen machines.

Confirmation of Next Meeting

The next meeting is a work session special call meeting to discuss precinct closures/consolidations, scheduled for next Tuesday, August 19th at 2:00 p.m..

8.11.15 Hall County Meeting Agenda

Hall County Voting Precincts.

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