Elections & Registration Updates (Carolyn Williams)

PPP ballots are in. Making plans to schedule poll worker training three weeks prior to early voting, beginning next week. Will call the poll managers this week to schedule when they can come in for poll worker training. February 8th is the first day for advance voting for the PPP (presidential preference primary).

“Michael Barnes from Kennesaw University, guy who creates our ballots, says he’s predicting – I guess this is for the larger counties, he says it will be like a regular general primary, not a general PPP. I’m not expecting our PPP to be much larger than in the past. But we might be a little busier for this PPP.”

Daily Transactions (Diane Martin)

for the month of December, 11 voters deleted from the Terrell County list

  1. Felon: 0
  2. Death: 11
  3. Transferred: 16 from this county to another county
  4. Move out of state: 0
  5. Photo ID: 3 Georgia IDs made for the month of December

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