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Whitfield County Board of Elections 12/12/19

  1. New equipment coming Friday—221 machines and printers
  2. The state will reimburse much of the cost for security. DHS has given each county cybersecurity software.
  3. The state will pick up some of the costs for tables, booths, etc.
  4. State-provided fact sheet on state costs for the county–$723,000—that they asked the board to show to elected officials.
  5. Planning voter outreach through social media—Instagram, FaceBook—and radio and TV spots. The state will be providing informational videos.
  6. They will need to change the location of the voting site in the Westside district. The current site is a school and the principal wants them out. The election staff doesn’t disagree because it lacks adequate parking and the room is cramped. They are looking at churches but the options don’t look good. Might have to find a site outside of the precinct. They’ll have to choose a new site sixty days before the next election.

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