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Douglas County Board of Elections Meeting 01/09/20

  1. Director reported they have received voting machines and printers; looking for ways to store them.
  2. Hiring poll workers. Working with high schools to add 100 “student ambassadors” who will be poll workers.
  3. They will be coordinating van pickup services from voters’ homes or other locations to advanced voting sites.
  4. They have made arrangements to add a sixth voting location at a senior center because of access issues at the courthouse (slow, erratic elevators, steps, security check).
  5. January 23, they will have a voting machine demonstration day at the courthouse for the public.
  6. Staff will receive training from the state on January 24.
  7. The state will inspect polling locations on January 21-22 for power capacity.
  8. On the November ballot, the Soil and Water Conservation Board will add a supervisor position. Candidates will qualify with the election board in March. 

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