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Fulton County Moves Several Polling Locations; Looks Into Taking The Temperatures of Voters

The Fulton County Board of Elections announced the relocation of several polling places during the April monthly meeting. The Board also decided to look into the possibility of taking the temperatures of voters who show up at the polls to vote. The following includes brief notes taken by a Peanut Gallery volunteer as a public service only. Contact the Fulton County Board of Elections with questions or  for official information.

Fulton County Meeting notes


10:01 a.m. meeting is called to order:

  1. Approval of Agenda
  2. Public Responses
  3. Eileen Yukamura: I want to offer my condolences for the loss of Beverly Walker.
  4. Ben Russel: I am currently trying to get an update on the inactive voters but no one at the registration office is answering.
  5. Name Unclear: I have concerns about ballot security for those voting in person
  6. Lenda Pritchett: A lot of voters believe they don’t need to vote and are throwing their ballot away due to voting in the presidential preference primary.
  7. Foris Webb: Would like to remind everyone that the City of Atlanta is still under a shelter- in- place order.

Update on Ballot and Ballot Applications 

Received 113,00

Opened 51,688

Entered 10,116

80,000  of those are paper

22,000 through email

These will all be processed by Wednesday.

Drop Boxes:

Currently surveying libraries for Cameras. The goal is to have twelve drop boxes.

The 2020 Calendar is approved.

Note: There are changes that need to be certified (These changes were unspecified).

The Board is asked to consolidate their November 12 and 13 meetings into one day. The request is approved and the meeting about the election will take place on the 12th.

There have been 24,000 voter registration applications received and 10,533 of those have been processed.

A member of the Board asked if there is a person to watch the dropboxes and after some discussion the Board will look into having one person there at them on election day.

An issue is raised that voters are nervous about emailing their applications because they don’t receive a confirmation that it went through.

The Board will look into sending a confirmation email.

The Board stops to take note that Beverly Walker’s service is Friday the 24th.

After a question the Board says the drop boxes will have 24 hr surveillance.

The Process for secure pickup of ballots is this:

  1. Two people must be present for pickup
  2. It must be transported directly to the office immediately

Note that the new deadline for voter registration is May 11th.

It is posted on the website that the day of the primaries is now June 9th.

Ballots and ballot applications delivered without postage will have to be covered by the County.

Early Voting Locations

Proposal #1

South Annex

CT Martin

Sandy Springs Library

Alpharetta Library

The reason for this scale back is the number of confirmed Covid-19 cases in the county.

The Board is waiting on the State to see if they can use no-contact thermometers on people in line who display symptoms.

The Board will use and sanitize styluses so they can avoid having to repeatedly unplug and clean Machines.

Face Shields have been ordered but there is a delay on at least 650 of them.

The Board notes people who wish to vote in person and cancel their absentee ballots could possibly slow the line down.

Proposal #1 is Approved

Approval of moved polling locations.

Abernathy Towers Apartments moved to West Hunter Street Baptist Church

Brighton Gardens of Buckhead Moved to  the Cathedral of St Philip

Cathedral Towers Apartments moved to Cathedral of St Philip

Marietta Road Highrise Apartments moved to Northwest Library

Asbury Harris Epworth Towers moved to William Walker Recreation Center

Chattahoochee High School moved to Taylor Road Middle School

State  Bridge Crossing Elementary moved to Johns Creek High School

Centennial High School moved to Cogburn Woods Elementary School

North Springs High School moved to Woodland Elementary School

Meeting Adjourned

***If you would like to volunteer to attend BOE meetings and report the findings to The Peanut Gallery, please contact [email protected]. Our volunteers assist us in holding BOEs accountable and keeping citizens informed.

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