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Dekalb County Board of Elections Meeting 05/22/20

Meeting start time: 3:30 pm and end time: 4:38 pm

Board members present: Samuel Tillman, Erica Hamilton, Baoky Vu, Dele Lowman Smith, Susan Motter, Anthony Lewis

Number of members of the public present: 14-18

Issue 1 on the Agenda-Emergency Polling Places Changes (Announced by Erica Hamilton) *Could not get all the changes*

  • 3 Decatur precincts closed
  • Coralwood School moved to Bryce Lake Elementary School
  • King’s United Methodist Church moved to Dunwoody Elementary (?) school
  • Dunwoody Senior Center precinct moved to Peachtree Middle School
  • Holy Trinity Parish moved to Duluth Auditorium
  • McWilliams Middle Grove Church moved to Millerwood Elementary School
  • Oakhurst Baptist Church moved to Duluth Auditorium
  • Winter’s Chapel moved to Kingsley Elementary School
  • Chairman Tillman’s Comment: If one precinct closes, prioritize new precinct in a school
  • Board member Smith’s question: Parking issue at Duluth precinct
  • Motion on the floor for the changes
    • Motter: Aye
    • Smith: Aye
    • Vu: Aye
    • Lewis: Aye
    • Tillman: Aye
  • Motion by Smith to give Erica Hamilton the authority to make necessary changes for polling precincts without convening special call meeting
    • Seconded by Anthony Lewis
    • Motter: Aye
    • Lewis: Aye
    • Smith: Aye
    • Tillman: Aye
    • Vu: Aye
  • Smith Question: Asked about the distance requirement between old and new precinct 
    • Hamilton’s response: She will try to keep it less than 5 miles
    • Tillman’s comment: Feels that 5 miles is too much (would rather stay around 3 miles)

Issue 2 on the Agenda: Executive Session for Litigation *closed to public

  • Started: 4:04 pm
  • End: 4:30 pm
  • No votes were taken

Issue 3 on the Agenda: Comments from Board

  • Motter’s Question: Dropbox location (when will they be released/preliminary list)
    • Hamilton’s response: List on website, hopefully next week for mailboxes
  • Smith’s Question: Asked to discuss most recent SEB ruling on opening absentee ballot
    • Hamilton’s response: SEB allows opening on last week of advanced voting (will begin at 8:30 am on June 1 on counting absentee ballot)
  • Tillman’s Comment: Schools will be disinfected and fumigated before and after Election Day
    • Machines will be wiped down
    • Staff will be wearing masks

Did you know that the public can attend Board of Registration and Elections meetings? 

These meetings are open to the public by Georgia law. Georgia Open Meetings Act.

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