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Douglas County Board of Elections Meeting 12/10/20

Members present: Myesha Good (chair), Robert Proctor, Daniel Zimmerman, Maurice Hurry, David Fedack

Director: Milton Kidd

  1. Milton Kidd reported they had sent out over 16,000 ballots. He gave an update on the early voting sites and dates.
  2. Kidd reported they received $565,000 in grant funds for poll workers during early voting and election day, office staff, and PPE. He will request to have the grant put on the board of commissioners’ agenda for approval. This was the third grant they had received during this election cycle.
  3. Zimmerman asked for a printout of the number of ballots received for each of the ten drop boxes during the general election. Kidd gave them the totals, ranging from 8 to 6,200 ballots. He said all ten drop boxes will be used for the run-off. Kidd said this info will be sent to the board members after the meeting.
  4. Proctor asked for clarification on whether the $565,000 in grant funds would be part of the 2020 budget or the 2021 budget. Kidd replied that though they received the funds in 2020, it will be budgeted for 2021 because that’s when they will be spent. The county commission will have to approve the budget change. 

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