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State Board of Elections Meeting 02/17/21

Mr. Carter Jones-Consult that was hired by the BOE to evaluate Fulton County reported the following from 270 hours of work:

  • No Fraud of Illegality was found
  • Data Management issues
  • Lack of Volunteer training
  • Information System disorganization

Brad Raffensberger’s comments:

  • Fulton County is still under investigation
  • $50,000 civil penalty will be imposed on Fulton County if goals are not met
  • State will continue monitoring Mr. Jones
  • Lack of management competencies in Fulton County

Cheryl Ringer of fulton COunty requested a copy of the report and stated Fulton County officials have not yet received any copies of said report.

A review of each case was conducted and files will be uploaded separately.

Discussion of ballots for sale online on nextdoor app

Hancock County – Ballots changed, double marked ballots, certificates removed. Witness was on the line and stated that the courthouse burned and the person in charge of the investigation passes away due to COVID-19

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