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Peach County Board of Elections Meeting 03/09/21

Date: Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Location: Peach County Board of Elections & Registration Office & Zoom 

Board Members Present: All board members were present, in addition to the Elections Supervisor and Registrar, as well as the Elections and Voter Registration Assistant 

Location of Board Members: Four Board members attended the meeting at the physical location of the meeting, one board member attended the meeting via Zoom ( In addition to the Elections Supervisor and Registrar, and the Elections and Voter Registration Assistant) 

Meeting called to order: 16:09

Accessibility to Agenda, Minutes, and Meeting:

  • Elections Supervisor & Registrar Adrienne Ray sent the Agenda of the 3/9/21 meeting, the Zoom link to the 3/9/21 meeting, and the minutes from the 2/9/21 meeting immediately upon request, after it was communicated to her by the Elections and Registrations Assistant Twyler Johnson that I desired access. I requested access to these items via phone call on 3/9/21 at 13:06 and received the zoom link to the meeting on 3/9/21 at 15:12, and the agenda for the 3/9/21 meeting and minutes from the 2/9/21 meeting on 3/9/21 at 15:36.
  • At 16:24 during the meeting, the initial Zoom link expired; Elections Supervisor Adrienne immediately sent a new link to the new Zoom session at 16:26, and called me to confirm that I received the new link.  The call resumed at 16:45 after the other board member was able to access the new Zoom link. 
  • While I was able to hear the Elections Supervisor speak during the meeting, as well as another board member that attended the meeting via Zoom, I was unable to hear, clearly, the other board members during the meeting, due to the positioning of the mobile device that was used to host the BOE meeting for Zoom participants.  However, I was able to, for the most part, follow along the meeting due to having access to the agenda, and because the Elections Supervisor presided over the majority of the meeting (the phone was sitting directly in front of her). 
  • The Elections Supervisor made it a point to frequently ask if I could hear her speaking. At the end of the meeting, I was asked if I had any questions. 

Key Notes from the Meeting

Upcoming Election: 

  • Board discussed upcoming TSPLOST election on June 15, 2021. 
  • They are recruiting poll workers for 6/15. 
  • Election on 6/15/21 for one question.  
  • Elections Supervisor stated that she will host 6-7 trainings for the upcoming election. 

2021-2022 Budget 

  • Elections Supervisor stated that she is already out of funds, because they didn’t initially budget for the January Senator run-off
  • Elections Supervisor stated that she has run out of money for everything.  
  • There is no money in the budget to print ballots or any materials for the upcoming election in June.  
  • Elections Supervisor stated that they need new signs for the upcoming election. 
  • They have 78 machines, but they will not be using 78 machines in June. 
  • The board spoke on the warranty of machines. 
  • Board stated that the cost of election is too high for their budget. 
  • Elections Supervisor Adrienne stated that she expressed her concerns with the budget with Dominion Voting Group, directly. 
  • Elections Supervisor stated that she has expressed her concerns with the State Election Board as well. 


  • Redistricting will begin in April, but it is on hold. 

GAVERO Conference 

  • Elections conference: representatives will be two people, Adrienne and someone else. 
  • Meeting will take place in Jekyll Island from August 29th – September 1st.  


  • Elections Supervisor asked if I had any questions about the agenda or the meeting, and I asked her to explain what “Vitals” and “Felons” meant (listed as items on the agenda), as it relates to the BOE. 
  • Adrienne explained that “Vitals” referred to people that have passed away in that particular county, and they needed to be removed out of the system. 
  • Adrienne explained that the Felons list, sent from the state, is a list of people that have felony convictions and cannot vote, unless they receive a clearance. 

Meeting was adjourned shortly after 17:00

Did you know that the public can attend Board of Registration and Elections meetings? 

These meetings are open to the public by Georgia law. Georgia Open Meetings Act.

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