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Lumpkin County Board of Elections Meeting 07/28/21

Date: Time  July 28, 2021, 9:01 AM

 Lumpkin County Elections & Voter Registration, 56 Short Street, Dahlonega 30533

Present:  Jim Lovell Replaced by Ben English & Dottie Krull (Chair) – Republican Seats; Peri Gorden & John Webb – Democratic Seats; Elections Manager – Rhonda Sheppard – Newly appointed and first meeting.


Jim Lovell resigned and was replaced by Ben English so this was his first meeting.  Rhonda Sheppard was appointed to the Elections Manager position last month and this was her first meeting.

A discussion on a written anonymous notification about someone was not a citizen and should not be able to vote.  The clerk stated all the person’s data had been entered and verified by SOS site.  Group agreed to not proceed with any further actions.

Issues Discussed:

  • Polling place closure(s)
  • Polling place (or places) being moved
  • Voter challenge(s)
  • Voter purge(s)
  • *Other: Organization: chair, vice chair, regular meeting day and time, by-laws & policy

Group discussed 2 ways to check questionable ballots.  Peri said absentee ballots main source of questionable problems.  Decided to stick with current procedure which all agreed was best.  Also, voting twice for one office means neither one counts.

The Lumpkin County Board of Elections is responsible for running the city election but the City of Dahlonega is responsible for qualifying candidates for  office.  

Discussed getting out information.  Sometimes the local newspaper does not get it in.  Mrs. Sheppard wants to set up BOE Facebook page & Twitter account to provide updated information.  Would be used for communication of events and information.  The county website is difficult to manage and they have to run most additions through one person so it is not user friendly. All members were in agreement this would be helpful.

Mrs. Sheppard also talked about a “Welcome Packet” for each specific office which would contain necessary forms and campaign finance information.

The office has been ensuring all voter lists are up to date.

Renovations in current building to ensure security and ease of implementing counting was discussed along with a field trip to discuss changes in the rooms.  Discussed funding and taking to County Commissioners.

Did you know that the public can attend Board of Registration and Elections meetings? 

These meetings are open to the public by Georgia law. Georgia Open Meetings Act.

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