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Henry County Board of Elections Meeting

April 6, 2022, 1:00pm 

Members present: Donna Crumbley (chair), Mildred Schmelz (vice-chair), Andy Callaway, Deidrea Collins, Omega Finney

Director: Ameika Pitts

The meeting was changed to Zoom (unannounced). Many people called in to complain and a link was finally posted on the BOE Facebook page

Election Results Certification

  1. Discussion continued from March meeting regarding the certification of results. Smelz clarified that not all board members are required for certification. However, it was agreed that all Board members should be available by phone in case any issues arise. 
  2. Callaway requested an additional $50 for each “called’ meeting. Shannan Sagnot responded that there will be no additional pay for “called meetings. A flat payment of $50 dollars will be added to the monthly payment. 

Office Operations

  1. Chair Crumbley requested current position details including names, titles, and salaries. Pitts responded that she would provide the requested information and verified that there are five vacant positions plus one deputy director position if it is approved.
  2. Sample ballots are in process and should available on the website in about two weeks.
  3. Chair Crumbley requested access to the server room as well as training on “what goes on in the server room.” Director Pitts explained that board members cannot have unescorted access to the server room, but they are happy to arrange and tour and provide training. Board members Schmelz and Finney declined the training offer. No comment from other board members.
  4. Chair Crumbley requested a list of qualifying fees paid because the parties get one-half. Director Pitts responded that she had emailed this information today.
  5. Chair Crumbley announced that the board meeting on three Republican voter challenges will take place on 4/18 at 3 pm.

Response to Public Comments

Advance and absentee voting information has already been posted on Henry County and BOE websites

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Did you know that the public can attend Board of Registration and Elections meetings?

These meetings are open to the public by Georgia law. Georgia Open Meetings Act.

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