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Spalding County Board of Elections Meeting 7/12/2022

Meeting called to order

In Attendance:

  • Ben Johnson – Chairman
  • James Newland – Vice Chairman
  • Roy McClain – Secretary
  • James A. O’Brien – Member
  • Dexter Wimbish – Member
  • Kimberly Slaughter – Elections Supervisor

Pledge of Allegiance

Adoption of the Agenda

Ben Johnson: I would like to amend the agenda to include the introduction of new board member and discussion on our November 8th board meeting.

Agenda adopted

Old Business

Roy McClain: Our office fill move has been pushed back till August 1st

Ben Johnson: Have we secured the new building?

Roy McClain: Yes.

New Business:

New Board member Dexter Wimbish is introduced.

Upcoming meetings

James A. O’Brien: Motion to cancel the November 8th and reschedule to November 14th.

Unanimously approved

James A. O’Brien: Motion to move the September Meeting to September 20th

Unanimously approved

Election Supervisor Report

Kimberly Slaughter: First things first we would like to thank Alfred Jester for his work as a former board member and welcome Dexter Wimbish to the board

We just finished matching up our physical records with election net. Here are the changes we had to make

Moved out of state: 32

Moved out of county: 1,191

Rejected: 74

Name Changes: 705

Felons: 143

Merges: 150

Board member Dexter Wimbish questions the Election Supervisor on the number of felons removed from physical record

Dexter Wimbish: Can I get an overview of this process

Kimberly Slaughter: We compared E-net to our physical system and made changes based on discrepancies we found.

Dexter Wimbish: How many voters were purged?

Kimberly Slaughter : I couldn’t tell you just due to how disorganized the physical files were.

Dexter Wimbish: Why not? as the Election Supervisor that kind of information is vital and not knowing is problematic.

Kimberly Slaughter: No I don’t think you get it. We are just matching physical with the pre-existing e-net

Dexter Wimbish: I am asking because most around the state believe felons are ineligible for voting. This is not true as once their sentences are served they are able to vote again. Also with you doing this only once a year or only on odd years with the system as unorganized, I wonder if someone who was a felon but eligible to vote was removed.

I will ask these kinds of questions not to be combative but to uphold the oath I took when joining this board

Kimberly Slaughter: No one was removed this time but we get those reports on felons once a month where we may remove voters

Continuing with the report all documents regarding the election in may have been submitted

We received a few reports, not many of printer errors and complaints about Poll pad connectivity and design.

Jarvis, A new election system has been delayed and will be implemented in spring 2023

The project file for November 8th has been started and we are waiting for signature verification which should be done by August 1st.

Board Member Comments

Alfred Jester is thanked for his service.

Executive Session

Meeting Adjourned

Board Member Wimbish(Left) and citizens attending the board meeting

Did you know that the public can attend Board of Registration and Elections meetings?

These meetings are open to the public by Georgia law. Georgia Open Meetings Act.

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