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In Attendance:

Lynn Bailey-Director (Director)

Sanford Loyd (Chairperson, I, appointed by Augusta Commission)

Sherry T. Barnes (Secretary, R)

David M. “Chip” Barbee (R)

Terence A. Dicks (D)

Approval of Minutes

As the first order of business, the Richmond County Board of Elections approved the minutes from the previous meeting held on July 13, 2015.

November 3rd General Municipal and Special Election

The board had no updates to give on the November 3rd General Municipal and Special Election. Everything was reported to be moving along normally and the special call meeting was noted to be September 3rd.

Relocation of Polling Location for Precinct 310

The board discussed the relocation of precinct 310—formerly the Crossroads Fellowship Church on Wrightsboro Road. Member L.C. Myles called in on the phone to listen to Director Bailey present the proposal regarding relocation:

  • The Crossroads Fellowship Church on Wrightsboro Road (precinct 310) has elected to no longer serve as a polling place. The location had prior served about six thousand (6,000) voters.
  • The Crossroads Fellowship Church will be replaced with two new precincts, located at Sharon Baptist Church and Providence Baptist Church.
  • Districts 309 and 310 will serve  approximately two thousand five hundred (2,500) voters at each facility (both of which are large, clean, and easily accessible).
  • The two new precincts will be open in time for the special election coming up in November and the new precinct cards will be mailed shortly.

Update on Voter Registration Processes

No Contact Confirmation Process

  • Forms were sent out to voters which those voters can sign and return to confirm their addresses.
  • Five thousand and eighty-three (5,083) notices mailed

National Change of Address Confirmation Process

  • National change of address forms were sent out to voters recently, which those voters can sign and return to confirm their changes of addresses.
  • Twelve thousand, two hundred and ten (12,210) notices mailed

Street File Audit Process

  • The board is reviewing street maps to confirm voter precinct boundaries and to confirm that all voters are assigned to the correct precincts.
  • The board is also checking to see if any business addresses are registered as personal addresses and for other inconsistencies.

Old Business

There was no old business that needed to be discussed.

New Business

The next board of elections meeting is being rescheduled from September 14th to September 3rd to coincide with the September 3rd special call meeting.
The meeting scheduled for November 9th is also going to be rescheduled to coincide with the consolidation of ballots from the special meeting.

8.10.15 Richmond County Meeting Agenda

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