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Richmond County Board of Elections Meeting 03/08/21

Timothy Mcfalls Calls Meeting to order.

Timothy Mc. calls a motion to approve minutes A-H from previous meeting

Sherry B. seconded the motion

Mcfalls calls the motion to approve minutes A-H from previous meeting

Lynn B. Gives update on March 16th Special Election 

-Testing of Voting equipment started on 02/17/21 and ended on 02/26/21 Process went well 

-Numbered of registered voters in county is at 139,324 which is an all-time high 

-3 satellite locations for advanced voting have been up starting on 03/08/21 Locations Include brigham center, Howard Center and Diamond Lake 

-Collected about 500 votes from locations combined

–  233 Mail In Ballots had been sent out and 119 had come back verified 

-County has finished Poll Worker Training and Has 260 Trained Poll Workers 

County has about 13,500 inactive voters 

Lynn Bailey States the list maintenance process for inactive status voters. Richmond county will send out a notice to registered inactive voters in the county to notify them of their status. The voter then has 30-60 days to mail the notice back to be registered active again. If the voter does not respond, then their registration will be cancelled and they would have to register to vote again. 

The Counties Voting Equipment Warranties expire on December 31,2021.

Lynn Bailey states that the county would be spending upwards of $65,000+ to renew to warranties. Instead she suggests that the county purchase warranties on the more expensive items such as election day scanners and just pay the cost for maintenance on the voting machines.

Mcfalls asks if Lynn B. could propose a plan for the members to discuss at the next meeting.

Lynn says yes and suggests that the board submit a plan to cover equipment for the 2022 election cycle and the 2024 presidential election cycle.

Mcfalls ask Lynn about storage of the voter equipment.

Lynn says the annex building and the warehouse are used to store the voting equipment. She says if the splost is passed then they could be in the running for a new building or at least renovations.

 Lynn also says that she is working on adding an election technician on staff for all technical issues involved.

Mcfalls Calls to Adjourn meeting

Meeting adjourned

Did you know that the public can attend Board of Registration and Elections meetings? 

These meetings are open to the public by Georgia law. Georgia Open Meetings Act.

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