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Rinda Wilson (Chairperson, R)

Herbert Spangler (R)

Mike Kaplan (I)

Cassandra Powell (D)

Ronnie Miley (D)


Charlene Maynard (Administrative Assistant)

Jeanetta Watson (Elections Supervisor)

Reginald McClendon (Assistant County Attorney)

Charles Coney (Assistant County Manager)

Gray (Attorney associated with the county)

Wade McCord

Old Business 

a. New office lease agreement update, presented by Assistant County Attorney McClendon

  • Update on Home Depot. They’re allowing the board of elections to occupy space in that shopping center.
  • The board now has the clearance necessary to move forward with that lease.

Member Kaplan: will be impossible to be out of this space by the time our lease expires here (at our current location). Have we spoken to our current landlords about month-to-month extension on our current lease?

Member Miley: when does our current lease expire?

McClendon: June 30th. We need to agree on the place that we’re moving to [potentially the Shoe Carnival space in the Home Depot shopping center], we now need to discuss when we’re moving. I think the largest chunk of time (between elections) for us to move is in September.

Member Miley: assuming we have the lease completed by late March/early April, is it possible that we go ahead and get started now on moving? So that all we have to do once the lease is completed is actually pick up and move?

McClendon: we’re expediting this. Our inspectors will be on site. Macon-Bibb County will expedite all the work necessary, but the landlord is going to be responsible for renovations, etc.

Member Kaplan: we need to get out of here in August.

Member Miley agrees.

Motion to set the target date to move as August 1st, 2016. Unanimous approval.

b. New precinct locations, presented by Assistant County Attorney McClendon

Coliseum: several contracts already in place in that location. Large meetings planned for that period. A lot of conflicts.

East Side Substation: right now the sheriff is just using that as a work area. The sheriff himself is running in the election, so I’m not sure how you feel about that [utilizing a space controlled by the sheriff as a precinct in an election in which he’s a candidate].

Terminal Station: Elections Supervisor was thinking that the former radio room could be a good space. As it turns out, that radio shop is being dismantled and we’ve outsourced the work. We still have the lease for the property though. So, it could be very much available to you.

Health Department: still waiting to hear back from them.

Chairperson Wilson: we need to compare parking and locality (whether central to the public) re: the last three locations. I know we had some concerns about Terminal Station Parking.

Member Powell: We’ve never had a problem at the East Side Substation.

Member Kaplan: the Terminal Station is downtown, at the bus stop, which is used quite a bit. I’ve been told there’s plenty of parking there.

Member Miley: I lean more toward Terminal Station because it’s more central.

Member Spangler: it is a government-owned building, so we wouldn’t have to worry about campaigning activities there.

Member Kaplan: we may even be able to get some free bus rides for people going to vote.

Chairperson Wilson: unless you know exactly where East Side Substation is, you’re not going to know where to go. It seems that Terminal Station is just more well-known, locationally.

Member Spangler motions that the board use Terminal Station for the May primary. Seconded by Member Miley. Unanimous approval by the board.

Advisement Concerning Tax Commissioner Race

Member Powell: someone will be contesting the tax commissioner election.

Member Spangler: it doesn’t really concern us.

Georgia Water and Soil Conservation Commission Supervisor Race Contractual Agreement

Motion to authorize agreement with Georgia Water and Soil Commission. Unanimous approval.


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