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In attendance:

Herbert Spangler (R)

Mike Kaplan (I)

Cassandra Powell (D)

Rinda Wilson (Chairperson, R)

Ronnie Miley (D)


Charlene Maynard (Administrative Assistant)

Jeanetta Watson (Elections Supervisor)

Tommy Gillon (Elections Officer)

Larry Smith (Senior Polling Technician)

Judd Drake (Assistant County Attorney)

Old Business

a. Update on Satellite Office Terminal Station (Deadline) from Charles Coney, Asst. County Manager

We’ll be ready to move in by April 15th, 2016. Macon-Bibb County already leases the space. There is plenty of parking, and the space inside is nice. There are already booths for the voting machines that can be used. The entrance is in the back of the building so no one will need to walk through the whole building to get to the voting location.

b. Update on Main Office Relocation – Charles Coney, Asst. County Manager

Current landlord: Macon Commons (manager in Atlanta)

  • She came down and they walked through the entire space and made a list of everything to be fixed and bring it up to par. Considering extending this lease for another year to make the move to the new location easier.

New space: Safeway Group

  • Commissioned an architect that will have a plan for the build-out to see how much the costs will be. Should be ready in the next two weeks. Estimate: end of May to have all the improvements completed.

c. Approval of Sheriff District 2 location as temporary voting location of PCT GF2 (Action)

Sheriff Davis has agreed for the location to be used for voting in May. They are posting the news in the paper to inform the public. Motion to approve: Member Miley. Seconded: Member Spangler. Approved.

New Business

a. O.C.G.A. 21-2-90 Appointment of Poll Managers (Action)

There is a list of poll managers and addresses. They have all been trained. Motion to accept: Member Miley. Seconded: Member Spangler. Approved.

b. Felon Hearing (Action)

List comes out once a month from the Dept. of Corrections to the Secretary of State. Usually about sixty pages. You compare one report by name, date of birth, and social security number. If everything matches then the state is indicating that the individual is a felon and needs to be removed from the voter rolls.

If the social security number doesn’t match, they bring those individuals to the board to decide whether there is enough information to delete them from the system.

The indicated felons have received letters, and they have the opportunity to come in today to appeal. If they don’t respond in thirty days, they’re brought before the board. After they have been voted on, they will receive another letter letting them know the outcome.

There are eleven people for the board to vote on today

Member Kaplan wants there to be a voting history on the future reports added for the people on the lists. It could make a difference. Concerned about stolen identities.

Motion to approve taking the eleven people off the list. Approved.

Other Business

Chairperson Wilson: Early voting looks low. 1,300 people less than turned out in 2012, but there is still time.

Member Powell is concerned about sending out precinct cards. The sixty-day notice for moving does not apply to the office because they are the board of elections main office.

They don’t need to send anything out to the voters. They only need to run an ad in the newspaper for two weeks straight.

$3,000 to send out precinct cards. The board can vote to do that if they would like to, but they are going to have the new county attorney talk with legal counsel at the Secretary of State’s office to confirm what they were told.

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