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Fulton County Board of Elections Meeting 12/12/19

Board Members Present:

Mary Carole Cooney

Mark Wingate

Vernetta Keith Nuriddin

Dr. Kathleen Ruth

Aaron V. Johnson

Agenda was approved

Public Response

  1. Asked last month not to use new machines

Asked to use paper ballots

Asked to increase staff and training

Equipment is expected at the end of February with Fulton county the last scheduled to get equipment

Rules and procedures haven’t been established

Rushing transition

Security issues – can see the screen from a distance

  1. Asked for absentee ballots to be hand delivered at poll

Poll workers should verify absentee ballot

Asked for back up ballot for the machines

  1. Cost of the machines need to be considered

Fulton is spending >1/2 million dollars

2020 will be 1.3 million with 9 million over 10 years

Counties should choose system conversion

A pilot should be approved and adequately tested in all counties

Use with hand marked ballots

  1. Asked to consider all issues

E-poll book has issues

Encourage a safe, secure, physically sound is needed

All minutes were approved


Richard Barron is at a training for the new equipment (Dominion). Each division reported.


10 cities; 77 polling places; 61 precincts; 325,000 registered voters with 39,000 voters

New System

Staff is scheduled for a two-day training

Still need training on e-poll pads

A real estate and assessment management company was hired to evaluate how to store new system


Four people are hired in election division


As of December 1, 2019 – 838,597 registered voters; 90,036 inactive 

18,451 applications

Hired 6 registration officers. Promoted one to supervisor and one resigned. Those positions will be filled in January

Ten supplemental staff were hired December 10.

Question from the board:

How are inactive people determined?

Change of Address at Post Office

No contact for five years

Returned mail (I know for a fact that the Post Office returns mail even with the correct address.)

No contact for two general elections.

Must respond by December 16

Changes in race, sex, update didn’t capture name or address 

(this is off the top of the head of the Secretary of State

Don’t have a full official list.

266 not verified due to the following incomplete information

Address unknown

Date of birth missing

First or last name missing



Two new hires out of the 13 approved

2020 supplemental staff will be hired January 2

Closing out 2019 expenses

Preparing packets for those who want to run for an office

Precinct Moving to new locations. Voters will be notified within 30 days. Changes were approved. (I wasn’t able to hear and follow the specifics but it should be available on the operations report once posted online.)

Precincts moving: 32/19, 33/19, 34/19, 35/19, 36/19, 37/19, 38/19 and 40/19

2020 Board Calendar was approved

Did you know that the public can attend Board of Registration and Elections meetings? 

These meetings are open to the public by Georgia law. Georgia Open Meetings Act.

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