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Georgia Peanut Gallery Notes are jotted down during Board of Elections (BOE) meetings by volunteers. Meetings can move fast. We are trying to provide information about what’s happening at Board of Elections around the state. Refer to the county website or contact individual county BOE for questions.

Official Agenda for Downloading: Dekalb County Board of Registrations and Elections February 13, 2020 Agenda

Public Comments

  1. Concerns were raised about absentee voting
  2. More concerns were raised about the level and extent of election information and training of poll workers compared to Fulton and Gwinnett Counties
  3. A suggestion was made that DeKalb County partner with Fulton County for the video training which they are providing
  4. There was a concern about more transparency regarding information which the website does not provide in a sufficient manner
  5. The Mayor of Clarkson requested to know how the audit was going; the status of absentee ballots and voter registration; training of poll workers; extended early voting time; making a formal request of the Secretary of State to make election day a holiday
  6. Concerns were raised about the provision of adequate resources and forms to avoid problems such as long lines
  7. Carl Jones a candidate for Sheriff claimed that there was no process for candidates to follow and if there will be voter registration at the DeKalb County Jail
  8. Elizabeth House discussed the demonstration of the new voting machines and requested that responses to citizen questions and concerns be given during the open session in order to provide more group openness and transparency
  9. Elizabeth Barnes expressed her concern that citizen comments were not included in the minutes as required by Georgia Sunshine Laws; voter turnout expectations; hiring more poll workers and extending voting hours from 7am-7pm
  10. Jay Watson wanted further clarification on absentee ballots
  11. Susan raised a concern about poll worker training and compensation and suggested that the pay scale should be equal for all pay workers since they often have to fill in for others for various reasons
  12. Melanie Raised a concern about Early Voting in the Primary and the General which included assurance that polls would be open from 7am-7pm; Saturday and Sunday voting for two weekends; ample early voting sites; adequate equipment; avoidance of lines; required state minimum number of voting machine

Board Responses

  1. Books are available for the qualifications and process for candidates wishing to run for office
  2. Early voting will be three weeks from March 4-March 21
  3. Polls will be open from 7am – 7pm except South DeKalb Mall which will be from 9am-8pm
  4. There will be 12 advanced voting sites. Location to be posted on the website and social media page
  5. $1.4 million budget cut has been reinstated
  6. Pay increases restored to the budget
  7. Comparisons to other counties not feasible due to different sizes and budget constraints

Unfinished Business

  1. A) Resent letters from Larry Hoskins’ Challenge List (Tabled)
  2. B) Advanced Voting Times and Locations for March 24, 2020 Elections (See Board Responses and Director’s Report)

New Business – None

Director’s Report

Voter Registration is ongoing

  1. There have been two registration training sessions
  2. Every registration has been scanned into the system. They include 4938 – New registrations; 5678 Transferred into Dekalb; 28,839 changes such as address or name or duplicate; 1151 deletions – such as voter requested to be removed or moved out of state, felon report, deceased.
  3. They are preparing for L&A
  4. Polling Supplies have been completed
  5. Training classes for poll workers have begun; DCTV Training Video available
  6. Absentee Ballots distributed 10,146; 284 sent electronically; 99 Received back
  7. Audit is required by the Secretary of State
  8. Emergency ballots will be used for voting machine equipment failure
  9. Legal team will be on call to assist and advise
  10. Website in production… to be released on March 2
  11. Salary for poll workers are based on different job descriptions and cannot be equalized as requested. Anyone having to assume someone else’s duties will be compensated accordingly
  12. The Command Center that will be live on March 24
  13. Request for formal documentation…?

Comments from Board Members

  1. Demonstration of new machines went well but one had malfunction which caused some concern
  2. Poll pads are an Apple product and the security code had expired and had to be renewed
  3. All documents will be posted on the website
  4. Any concerns about the website should be directed to Sherrie @ (404)298-4022


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