Coweta County Board of Elections Meeting 04/20/20


  • Jane Scoggins – Director 
  • Ralph Presley – Chair 
  • Wayne Farmer
  • Mae Reeves – only African American member
  • Randy Wahoske
  • Natasha Werner 
  • Ashley Gay, Asst Director
  1. Voter Registration Report
    1. new voters registered March 1592 April 2601
    2. transferred out of county March 310 April 332
    3. felons cancelled March 0 April 37 
    4. mentally ill cancelled 0 for March and April
    5. deceased removed…info from Vital Records report from state March 17 April 0
    6. Cancelled by state 0 for Mar and April
  2. Primary postponed to June 9 due to Shelter at Home order
    1. Voter Registration deadline May 11
    2. Early voting May 18 to June 5
      1. M-F 9-4:30
      2. Sat 5/30 9-4
    3. August 11 run off if necessary
      1. Early voting July 20 to Aug 7
  3. Absentee Ballots Applications
    1. Tremendous number returned
    2. Elections Dept getting help from other CC govt workers
    3. UPSP is supposed to process absentee ballots and applications without stamps
    4. Jane said the Dept is “working steady for requirements due to law.”
  4. Unsure at this meeting as to the number of machines at the polls
    1. Questions from Wayne Farmer to Jane Scoggins
    2. As of meeting expecting same number, unsure due to social distancing requirements

Did you know that the public can attend Board of Registration and Elections meetings? 

These meetings are open to the public by Georgia law. Georgia Open Meetings Act.

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