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Greene County Board of Elections Meeting 07/08/20

Board Members:

  • Ted Baker, Chairman
  • Bob Lofgreen, Republican Rep
  • Helen Smith, Democrat Rep
  • Barbara Killgor, Elections Registrar
  • Kathleen Coine-Mayers, Elections Supervisor

Meeting Notes:

  • Meeting Start time: 5 pm
  • Public Comment: None – Only me present
  • Ted Baker offered me to make a public comment “as long it was an agenda item” – I said no thank you; just observing
  • First order of business to accept agenda 7/8/2020 – accepted
  • Staff report by Barbara Killgor:
    • “In maintenance mode “We are one of the counties that will not have a run off in August….so our time has been cleaning up last election and planning the next election in the fall.
    • “We are processing registration, changes of addresses, name changes, that sort of thing so that people can be in place for the next election.”
    • Absentee balance by mail starts Sept 15 (first day we can mail them out) and early voting Oct 2. The state has told us they will not do the mass mail-out of applications. We have 1800 people who when requested their ballots for the primary indicted they were elderly/disabled meaning they are eligible for rollover. My sense is many of them will choose to come in. We had a lot of complaints of applications not being solicited (“I didn’t ask for this.”) …and we had over 200 on election day cancel their absence ballot to vote in person. We will see how things go. Only 5% of the list ask for absentee ballots – I think this last go round was a one off and we won’t have that in the fall.
    • We will have “one mandatory Saturday in October on the 24th. Last date to vote for the Nov election is Oct 5.
    • “We talked last time about the “Eagleton Matter” – at that time he indicated that he was going to go up to the Supreme Court. The chances of them hearing it is not good. He sent me an email saying he wanted to know how to go about processing his termination report that he has to file for campaign finance purposes. So he is not anticipating getting a positive response. He doesn’t appear to think he will have any traction (which is accurate)…the election was held, he was disqualified, the election has been certified, therefore he had no standing anyway. Not sure if we will hear from him again but never say never.”
  • They welcomed me again. Again allowed to make a comment, fill out comment card, and as long as it a subject we are talking about you are welcome to make a public comment about anything that might be on our agenda….

Action item- Adoption of June 17 minutes – approved

  • Local party reports – Bob Lofgreen – ” Republicans had a party ( not official by the party) of a meet and greet to see Dough Hollins and others. I didn’t go. 120 people there. All were in 60s and above but mainly old. 1/3rd wore masks”
  • Dems – no report (Helen Smith did not speak in the meeting)

Next Meeting August 12th @ 5pm in the parking lot

Did you know that the public can attend Board of Registration and Elections meetings?

These meetings are open to the public by Georgia law. Georgia Open Meetings Act.

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