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Greene County Board of Elections Meeting 10/13/21


Ted Baker, Chair

Bob Lofgren, Republican member

Via phone – Helen Smith, Democratic member 

Kathleen Coines-Meyers, County Elections Supervisor

Meeting called to order by Chairman Ted Baker at 5PM.

Motion by Bob Lofgren to adopt the agenda for the meeting was seconded by Helen Smith and approved.

Supervisors Report:

Kathleen Coines-Meyers introduced Vanessa Brown who has been added to the staff as Elections Assistant.. 

Municipal elections early voting has begun coordinated by the Greene County Elections office for the cities of Greensboro and Union Point under the terms of intergovernmental agreements with both cities. All staff have been trained and election day workers are now required to work some portion of early voting in order to balance the hours worked by all and to encourage the teams to get to know each other before election day. There are 30 workers in total and early voting ends on 10/29

A report on the progress of the new space being reconfigured for the County Elections office was made. Project is 85% complete but experiencing supply chain issues on technology products.

Bob Lofgren asked if the Budget for 2021/22 had been approved by the County and Kathleen advised that it had been approved as submitted.

Bob Lofgren asked if the office had been contacted by any voters who had been sent notices that they would be removed from the voting lists due to inactivity. Kathleen advised they received ‘less than a handful’ of responses.

Bob Lofgren requested an update on political signs that are placed on the road leading to the polling place. Kathleen advised that they are allowed 30 minutes before and after voting hours and that any that are not properly removed would be removed by staff.

Helen Smith made a motion to approve the minutes of the September 8th meeting which was seconded by Bob Lofgren and approved.

The Chair requested Public Comment which is restricted to the agenda items and would be taken under consideration by the Board without comment or discussion at the meeting. Any other issues, the public was offered to meet with Kathleen by appointment. Public was advised that they could follow up with the staff on their concerns.

Anne Koppleman requested an update regarding the policy to post on the door the number of voters who had voted during early voting each day.

Annie Grant expressed concern that many voters do not understand the vote by mail application, especially the seniors. She stated that in the past she had held trainings but that currently she is not able to do that as she can no longer obtain vote by mail applications as needed in order to run the trainings. She expressed concern that we will lose seniors’ votes and that she sees that not being able to help these seniors is a slap in the face.

Peter White stated that he had received multiple calls regarding a malfunction of the voting machines that would not submit the vote when the submit button is pressed. He questioned whether those who had already voted could be contacted and advised of this malfucntion.

Both party representatives were asked if they had anything to report at the meeting. Helen Smith noted that a rally was being scheduled for 10/30 at 11am.

Finally, the next monthly meeting was scheduled for November 8th at Noon. The change of time was requested in order to allow for proper timing of the Certification of the Vote,

The Chair asked that all encourage early voting to relieve pressure on election day and  asked for and received a motion to adjourn at 5.32PM.

Did you know that the public can attend Board of Registration and Elections meetings? 

These meetings are open to the public by Georgia law. Georgia Open Meetings Act.

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