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Fulton County Board of Election Meeting 09/14/20

Meeting Highlights:

  • Fulton County approves a number polling location changes
  • The county is working with a firm based in colorado to try to ensure a smooth election process
  • The county is facing challenges with Poll pad bandwidth

Public Comments


Executive Session: Lasted about 1 hour

Previous Minutes

  • August 11th
  • August 13th
  • August 21th


Monthly Report

  • Early voting for the september 29th election until the 25th.
  • 94 polling locations
  • 971  Poll Works
  • 79 Poll Technicians
  • Currently facing challenges with Poll pads. At&t is going to help with this.
  • 198,600 Voter registration applications
  • 67,119 of those were new voters
  • 611 Letters mailed to felons
  • Vendor Run Back will be mailing out all the county ballots till October 16th.
  • The Postal Service mailing out fliers to advise citizens to mail out ballots at least 1 week earlier.

Board has questions for the director

  • Is there a backlog for voter registration?
  • Currently behind by about 10,000
  • Precinct cards have been pre-approved so the county can mail them out ass soon as possible
  • Is it possible for us to send the mayors the changes to the polling locations?
  • Yes. This is the plan as well as a flier with polling places and drop box locations
  • We are looking to have a minimum of 39 drop boxes? Possibly 41.
  • The Absentee Application by email link is gone. Are we still accepting emails?
  • Yes. We got 125 email applications today.
  • How will people know what email to send the application to if we take the link off of our website? With all due respect this looks like a intentional effort to get rid of vote by email
  • No, we get emails every day.
  • We need to put the link back up. I understand we are not promoting it but that link needs to be up. How can we say we are letting people email if the link is not there. They do not know it by heart.
  • The email generally creates processing errors.
  • If you look at the portal they are the same instructions. We still need the email option.

Absentee Update

  • We can begin scanning up to two weeks prior to the election but tabulation begins election night.
  • We gave the postal service samples to know what our mail and voters mail will look like.
  • We also will have a runner doing post office sweeps election day.

Vote at home presentation

  • The county is working with Colorado based firm to better prepare for absentee ballot volume and the election in general
  • The county expects voting by mail to account for around 40-50%
  • The County is planning on handling incoming ballots in four phases
  • The planning here will help them determine the amount of staff needed.
  • The county is advised to have new poll managers shadow older ones this September election
  • Early Voting Locations 

Next are the Locations for November 3rd.

  • Motion to approve early voting locations with amendment to include Chastain location if available.
  • Is there a breakdown of  the number of voters per precinct?
  • There will be by the end of the week.
  • Are the precinct splits in this list permanent.
  • Yes they are.
  • Motion to approve election day changes. 


Did you know that the public can attend Board of Elections meetings? 

These meetings are open to the public by Georgia law. Georgia Open Meetings Act.

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