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Fulton County Board of Election Meeting 10/08/2020


  1. October 19th Fulton County will begin opening and scanning ballots.
  2. Some people are receiving ballots with the outer envelope damaged.
  3. A Run-off between Franklin and Hall will occur December 1st

Meeting called to order 

Public Comments:

Rhonda Martin: As a poll watcher I want to talk about attempts to interfere with my attempts to observe with my attempts to observe and record data as a poll watcher. BMD and scanner counts were off by 5 and when I asked the Poll manager I was told to stop and that I did not know what I was doing. I was told there is a handicap scanner which counted for the discrepancy. This behaviour does not garner trust.

Shellenberger from Brennan Center for Justice at the NYU School of Law: Emergency and Provisional ballot supplies are 20% and I believe this is a little low.

Approval of the Minutes

September 4, 2020 

September 14, 2020 

September 14, 2020 

September 29, 2020 

September 29, 2020


Monthly Report

5th district special election 8/24-9/25 – 7 voting sites; technicians trained 8/31 and on site

2 ballots for the State Senate #39; it’s a Democratic primary and voter will have choice to have candidates on ballot or not

Were 102 poll managers for the Nov. 3rd election. We had them shadow managers during the special election for experience

Voters can track ballots through the secretary of state’s website\voter

For the November 3rd Election we have 255 polling locations 

We have solved bandwidth problems with our poll pads. 

November 9th Early voting starts for the December election

238,229 Registration applications

39,572 of those are from september

October 19th will begin opening and scanning ballots.

3 call centers in office

We have 4 new positions to fill we’ll put on the website

Election security personnel at each polling location.

Forming a committee for security review. 

The Issue date for a ballot is not the mailing date correct?

No, it is about 7-14 days afterwards.

222,130 Applications received

217,646 Processed

How is Blue Crest working?

We will start mailing with them next week.

A 3rd of our ballots have come through our Drop Boxes

We have 37 Drop boxes now

Will add one in chattahoochee hills

Some people are receiving ballots with the outer envelope damaged. What should they do?

The outer envelope must be sealed. Use tape or glue if you need to.

Will voters be able to use the call center to find their polling place on election day?

  • Yes

How will a voter know if a signature cant be verified. 

  • We will send them a letter and they will have three days to cure it.5.74% Turnout in September 29th Election

Certification of results

21,746 People Voted

12,134 of those were on election day

8,734 Advance voted

485 Vote by mail

A Run-off between Franklin and Hall will occur December 1st

Did you know that the public can attend Board of Elections meetings? 

These meetings are open to the public by Georgia law. Feel free to take notes or record meetings. Read more here: Georgia Open Meetings Act. Learn more about attending Board of Elections meetings as a Peanut Gallery Volunteer Monitor by attending our next training on the 4th Tues. of the month at 6pm. Sign up Here.

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