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Gwinnett Special Meeting 10/19/20

Members Present 

Lynn Ledford (Division Director)
Kristi Royston (Elections Supervisor)
Shantell Black (Assistant Elections Supervisor)
Jesse Harris (Assistant Elections Supervisor)
Kelvin Williams (Assistant Elections Supervisor)

 Kareem Briscoe (Elections Coordinator)

Felisa Cordy (Elections Coordinator)
Grayson Davis (Elections Coordinator)
Prachi Salgarkar (Elections Coordinator)

Started Meeting 7 minutes late

Meeting Start: 5:00pm  Meeting end 5:48pm

The Speaker intends to use every piece of equipment including printers and ballot scanners to process the election. She says it should be one mark for each position on the ballot. The speaker states though that the process in the county for counting ballots this election is not excluded from human error.

The speaker says test  ballots have been scanned more than one times in the county resulting in different ballot  numbers.

The ballot have different position numbers and this is causing confusion among the board.

The speaker discusses and explains the ballot position number and the process to the board.

One of the board members brings up an issue with the ballots being issued in Douglas county that were missing a column on the ballot. The speaker says the county has checked and they do not have this issue in the county.

A board member asks if she thinks the process is 100% working and the speaker says yes.

The same board member asks if the county is in contact with homeland security to detect and prevent any hacking in the county.

The speaker says the county is communicating with homeland security and receives constant updates directly from them and the secretary of state.

Public speaker Gowry R. says that she  has concerns about voters facing disenfranchisement due to lack of voting supplies like paper for ballots. She states this may cause long lines and voter suppression in the county. 

Motion to adjourn the meeting

Did you know that the public can attend Board of Registration and Elections meetings? 

These meetings are open to the public by Georgia law. Georgia Open Meetings Act.

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