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Fulton County Board of Registration and Elections Special Meeting 10/23/20


  • Mary Carole Cooney, Chairperson
  • Vernetta Keith Nuriddin, Vice Chairperson
  • Mark Wingate
  • Dr. Kathleen Ruth
  • Aaron V. Johnson
  • Richard Barron

  • Approval of Agenda
  • Communications and Public Response – none

New Business

  • Approval of Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) for East Point
    • Not sure why this has been delayed
    • Allows a Fulton county municipality conduct their election in addition to the General election
    • They don’t have to pay because it is part of the election already happening in the county
    • Standard format
    • Approved
  • Authorization Recommended by Election Security Task Force
    • Collaboration with municipalities across the county
    • Met three times
    • Purpose is to have safe elections with no intimidation
    • Requested to have county director have authority to act in the event of an emergency from now through election day as communicated by task force. Would be an extreme situation.
    •  Examples – bomb threat, a person with a weapon or a need for immediate safety of voters; A several years ago Adams Park had a sewer overflow and had to close immediately and the poll had to be moved.
    • The reason giving the director the authority is so an emergency board meeting wouldn’t have to be called first
    • A concern is notifying voters if there is an emergency change
    • It was asked that the director notify the board if such an emergency arises
    • Police officer at each location on November 3rd.
      • They should be there and visible but not directing voters otherwise could be intimidation.
  • Update on Legal Restrictions for Activities at or Near Polling or Vote-counting Venues
    • Concerns about poll watchers, poll workers, organization representatives, public wanting to go into the polls, cell phones, police
    • Get communication to poll managers and police officers
    • A retired Senior Fulton County Superior Court judge is drafting a report communicating laws/statues to poll workers; managers and police; including when and how to ask for help
    • Requested that they are proactive in training in a uniform way
    • Protocol must be communicated when poll manager isn’t present. Should be assistant manager.
    • The report will go to the board
    • Rights for poll watchers with credentials must be clear and known to the watchers
  • Election questions to Rick Barron
    • Votes are tabulated at the warehouse November 3rd 7 pm; Scanning is at State Farm Arena
    • There is a designated area for public; within reason numbers
    • Will have monitors
    • The green card at polls activates the ballot. It is the same as the old yellow card.
    • Why voters are not seeing their voting status on MVP immediately
      • Problems with Election Net being slow
    • Switched to Easy Vote so lines could move and people could vote. Easy Vote is not connected to MVP
      • It is being reconciled with paper check in
      • Vote counted when scanned
    • Rick is on a task force with the state.
      • He plans to recommend that each county be able to have their own offline system then upload it at night to the state system (MVP). 159 counties accessing one system is what causes breakdown.

Did you know that the public can attend Board of Elections meetings? 

These meetings are open to the public by Georgia law. Georgia Open Meetings Act.

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