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Oconee County Board of Elections and Registration Meeting 11/10/20

All members present. (Ken Davis showed up a few minutes late)

Discussion about Nov. 3 Election.  Oconee had 84.46% turnout. 

At the close of voting all poll pad information matches what is on scanners. 

There were no equipment malfunctions on election day.

All counts balance perfectly

Trained 78 poll workers for 12 hours and everything ran smoothly

Election day turnouts by precinct:

City Hall 366 

Colham Ferry 228

Antioch 266

Farmington 169

Bishop 264

High Shoals 253

North Oconee 194

Dark Corner 501

Marswood Hall 352

Bogart 389

East Oconee 200

Civic Center 383

Total   3,565

Absentee by mail 5857

Early voting 15,972

Provisional votes 5   

Grand Total 25,399

All 5 provisional ballots cast were able to be counted.  3 were precinct issues, 1 was ID and 1 was signature. 

Oconee BOER voted unanimously to certify the election. 

Board adopted the Splost resolution for a sales and use tax that had 16,102 yes votes and 7,811 no votes. 

Board discussed the Thursday 11/12 audit. It will start at 9 am.  They will be asked to pull exact ballots and audit them.  Ken Davis asked if adjudication would be required. Fran Leathers said she did not know how the audit for the new machines would work but was expecting details from the Secretary of State. Board is welcome to be present.

Discussed that there will be recount in GA, but they do not know how they will be doing that until the S.O.S issues directive.  Suggested that the recount may begin Sunday 11/15 after state certification on Saturday of the Nov. 3 election.

*Discussed the election dates of Dec. 1 and Jan. 5 and the registration cutoff of Oct 5 for Dec. 1 and that by Dec. 7 they can process the new registration requests for the Jan 5 election runoff. 

*Discussed the early voting dates and hours for Dec. 1 as Nov. 23-25. 8-5PM

Discussed the early voting dates and hours for Jan 5 election as Dec. 14-31 M-F 8-5PM with Christmas Eve and Christmas Day off at the Civic Center. There will be voting New Year’s Eve until 5PM.

Next meeting Tues. Dec. 8 5PM. 

Meeting adjourned 5:33 PM

*Note that this meeting occurred before the move of the Dec. 1 election to Jan 5. By the SOS due to the statewide recount. 

Did you know that the public can attend Board of Registration and Elections meetings? 

These meetings are open to the public by Georgia law. Georgia Open Meetings Act.

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