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Fulton County Board of Elections Meeting 02/12/21

Approval of the Agenda

Amended to move executive session to after Public Comments

Agenda Approved 

Public Comments

Briget Thorne: You can ignore my emails, allow me to be slandered, mute me and fire me but i’ll keep coming back.

I was troubled by the warehouse because my family immigrated from Mexico to avoid corruption.

My comments about what I  observed there were not heard at the state board because I was muted.

I was told by employees in advance that Richard Baron would fire me for testifying. 

I was dismissed and even after the Secretary of state spoke out against it you the board allowed it

*was interrupted


Approval of Minutes

January 5th

January 15th

January 19th


Monthly Operations Report:

In the January 5th runoff we had 384 Precincts.

We are currently looking to hire an Elections officer for the upcoming election and the interviewing process will start soon.

We are looking to add 2 more check in sites for election nights. 

Received 12,243 Voter Registration which is the lowest it has been in several years

637 Felon Letters sent

Proposed amendments to bylaws

Article 5

Employment of a BRE by a political campaign or office of an elected official constitutes a conflict of interest

Board member Johnson: The First line is unnecessary as the next few lines covers that and as someone who works in the house of representatives Im already not allowed to work on anything that might create a conflict of interest.


Article 3

Would require the board to respond to public comments either in the current meeting or the next one at the latest.


Article 3

Chair:This entails “Somewhat more enforceable prohibition against abusive or profane Language.

Would this include the chat as well?

I believe it would.


Article 3

Limit Public Comments to one hour

Board member Johnson: I can go with this as long as we can extend this time if required.

Chair: We could b ut as ms Nuriddin is not on call now I suggest we table this


Meeting Adjourned

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