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Fulton County Board of Election Meeting Notes 02/16/21

Approval of the agenda


Public Comments 

Regina Waller: Declaration of Support for Richard Barron.

Edward Smith: This board is being unfair and unconstitutional. This decision should be reconsidered

Penn Payne: I am urging the board to not remove Mr. Barron as director. In essence he turned the ship around in response to June for November. He has the knowledge and experience to do this job.

Bridget Thorne: I’ve worked with Fulton County precinct for 9 years. With Richard Barron it has only gotten worse. When I had concerns as a poll tech that I raised I got fired by him. He then chose that instead of investigating my issues he investigated me.

Patty Nathan: I strongly feel you should look at the improvement of Mr. Barron in November and the overall picture rather than focusing on june.

Sante Askin: I’m here as an employee of the elections department. Mr. Barron is a great leader and I don’t care what the media says. I,ve Learned my self worth as even an entry level employee because of him and I am now pursuing greater education. I hope the board reconsiders.

George Balbona: April 2nd 2019 HB656 passed legislature giving the power to appoint a board chair to the BOC. I now ask them to replace Mry Carole Cooney with a less partisan and more scrupulous individual. 

She ignored the public about firing Richard Barron. We need to search for a suitable replacement. Blake Evans is not a suitable fit.

Brad Raffensperger has ignored my open records requests I spent $240 on. It is now 103 business days with no correspondence.

Blake Evans is in charge of poll worker training so why is he and the SOS blaming Fulton county for him failing to do his job. 

Johnny Harris: Mr. Barron is a great director. You can count on his guidance

Garland Favorito: January 8th my open records requests were incorrectly responded too. Fulton is in court for multiple unfulfilled requests.

Rhonda Thomas: Everyone who has spoke of Mr. Barron is speaking of friendship and mentoring. This is not about that it’s not about popularity it’s about his ability to perform a job. Why did he fire managers for speaking out. Covid is not an excuse for a poorly run election

Thomas Bose: This 2020 Election was an embarrassment. Many people who spoke up against him were fired and had accusations brought up against them.

Michelle: I don’t know anyone personally who believes we had free and fair elections

Items #3

Motion to terminate Richard Barron

Aaron Johnson: Staff recovered well from June and November went much better. His firing would be unfortunate and it will cause chaos.

Kathleen Ruth: I acknowledge that we had an unprecedented situation but our processes were compromised with poor record keeping and unsecured ballots.

In the January 5th election we had to re-certify the election due to two precincts not being included with the tabulation. 

Mary Cooney: Our Elections director got the highest praise last evaluation. Many things happened this election out of his control. We had a lot of responsibility and we as the board didn’t even have a replacement director set up

Nuriddin: You and Mr. Johnson are deliberately misleading the community. The real grade he received was a D-

This is not a popularity Contest but how well can he do a job

Mr. Johnson: I was going with the vote until my name was mentioned so I will now speak. This notion that we are holding up the process is false and tremendously unfortunate.

Motion to fire Richard Barron

Passed 3-2

Meeting Adjourned

Did you know that the public can attend Board of Registration and Elections meetings? 

These meetings are open to the public by Georgia law. Georgia Open Meetings Act.

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