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White County Board of Elections Meeting 03/01/21

1. Call to Order

2. Pledge of Allegiance & Invocation

3. Approval of Minutes from January 4 and 25, 2021. Approved.

4. Open discussion of the Board, miscellaneous topics

  • How to make minutes available to the public. Lisa Manning will post on her website once they have been approved by BOE. Process needs to be included in By-laws when they develop them.
  • Currently the website does not have BOE yet.
  • Major concern is to come up with by-laws. Want Lisa to get them copies from Habersham, Lumpkin & Dawson and from one on the other side of the mountain.
  • BOE members need to plan to visit another BOE meeting.
  • GA SOS sent a packet to Dwayne titled “So I am a BOE Member”. In GA 118 counties have a combination BOE & Registration. Each one operates independently and differently. Need help from Lisa and Jason to create theirs.
  • Need a work session on the by-laws. Before that need copies from other counties.
  • Everyone answers to Jason – Lisa & BOE. If there is a dispute the BOE will be required to hold a hearing.
  • Asking Lisa to gather & pull together information needed for WC BOE.
  • People want to know: Does my vote count, what happens when my ballot comes in, what is the process?
  • Need to include what the process is and most important, be transparent for the public.
  • At least one member on the board must be certified by SOS. Dwayne would like more than one to be certified.
  • Are the procedures written somewhere? Lisa stated she has manuals with the process for each item. Currently at their site are: 1) Qualifying for election, 2) How many ballots are needed, 3) Military and overseas ballots. BOE wants to see Lisa’s guides.
  • List maintenance was discussed. That takes place in her office and is code driven.
  • Members want to use what is working plus whatever current legislation passes.
  • Municipal (Helen/Cleveland) does their own elections. Registrar Office provides support.
  • Need to include what is a quorum. This impacts committee size.
  • For next time make a list of committees: By-laws, Equipment, Precinct/Poll workers

5. Lisa Manning – Elections Supervisor, Updates

  • Lisa had a zoom meeting with Sec. Of State. New voting system equipment warranty runs out January 1, 2022. It will cost White County $14,015 yearly for warranty on all equipment.
  • Provided information on AJC GA Legislative Navigator and GA Legislative Site for BOE to keep informed of bills currently in legislature regarding elections.
  • BOE requested precinct maps which she will email to them.
  • Jason stated 6-8 months for full county updated website so BOE currently does not have a site.

6. Next Meeting April 5 at 9 AM

7. Public Participation

  • Mary Lasris asked questions regarding the impact on their office and ability to process  regarding the following items:   ID Requirements on Absentee Ballots, Absentee Drop Boxes

Meeting adjourned at 10:20 AM

Did you know that the public can attend Board of Registration and Elections meetings? 

These meetings are open to the public by Georgia law. Georgia Open Meetings Act.

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