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White County Board of Elections Meeting 01/25/20

Present: BOE: Marlon Caldwell, Todd Marks, Louise Nix, Russell Mobley (zoom), Dwayne Turner (zoom).  Lisa Manning (Election Supervisor), Jason Cobb (County Manager)

Main Issues:

  1. Duties, policies & Procedures
  2. Exploring Voting Precinct Consolidating  
  3. Voting Machine Storage

Did any issues that might impact access to the ballot come up during the meeting?

Polling place closure(s)

Polling place (or places) being moved

Voter challenge(s)

Voter purge(s)

*Other: Organization: chair, vice chair, regular meeting day and time, by-laws & policy

The next meeting will be March 1, 2021 at 9 am. 

Currently have 11 precincts with a county population of 30,000.  Talked about current bills that will come up in this legislative session, waiting for census figures whenever that might be and in the meantime looking at how many people are voting at each of the current precincts over the last 5 years or so. Lisa will have that report for the next meeting but there is a realization nothing may change for a year until all data is obtained.

If you listed one or more issues above, please provide the details for all of them here. Including: the timeline given before action is taken on the issue(s), a list of board members involved (if any), a list of any members of the public who spoke for/against the issue (share contact info if you have it), and the outcome of votes if they were taken

  1. This is a new board so they were given a brief guide at the meeting for policies & procedures.   They requested copies from other counties and it was recommended BOE members attend a meeting of another county and speak to the members.  Jason noted Lisa is now the Election Supervisor so she is the BOE go to person for needs & duties.  Marlon brought up members need to be alert to what the legislature is doing as dozens of election related bills are predicted.
  2. Covered in issues above.
  3. Machines are being stored in an area that currently is not climate controlled.  Jason said they do have heat/air in the bays.  Group was going to examine the area after the meeting.

Please give a brief report of any other major decisions made at this month’s meeting. If you have notes online (such as a Google doc) you may share the link here. You only need to share the top highlights, such as votes taken.

Jason discussed open records and that a county email has been set up for each member which he said should be used for BOE business.  They can use that to email questions and transfer information.  No decisions or votes can be done except in a BOE meeting.

Did any notable issues arise during the public comment period? If so, please describe them here

There was a public participation section on the agenda that the chair was going to skip over.  Jason brought that to his attention so I introduced myself.  Explained I represented the Peanut Gallery of New Georgia Project and lived in White County. I was there as an observer.

Did you know that the public can attend Board of Registration and Elections meetings? 

These meetings are open to the public by Georgia law. Georgia Open Meetings Act.

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