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Fulton County Board of Elections Special Meeting 03/11/21


Alex Wan, Chairperson 

Vernetta Keith Nuriddin, Vice Chairperson

Mark Wingate

Dr. Kathleen Ruth 

Aaron V. Johnson 

  1. Alex Wan was sworn in as chair.
  2. Agenda –approved with an amendment to approve who has oversight of the director.
  3. Communications and Public Response
    1. Bridget Thorne – angry rant about being fired; 

Old Business

  1. Minutes 

 Regular Meeting- February 11, 2021- approved
Executive Session Meeting- January 15, 2021 – tabled to enable all member to review  
Special Meeting- February 16, 2021 – approved

New Business

Post-Election Review

Wan asked for a specific timeline for the board for accountability and so board can see how each piece is being prioritized. Barron will have at next meeting. 

Barron reported that there was a 98.8% satisfaction from surveys taken during early voting and election locations.  Surveys were taken by line managers and technicians.

  • Wan – Does app has ability to conduct a survey. Barron will talk to external affairs.
  • Ruth – What is the number of participants?
  • Wan – Provide more detailed information on survey.
  • Johnson – May not have the availability of county staff after the pandemic. Can they rely on own staff?
  • Barron – Will need to bring in more staff or rely on supplemental staff. Used >100 staff. With changes being contemplated in the legislature like no buses, cut back in drop boxes, absentee ballot cut back. Looking at increasing early voting and election day locations.
  • Johnson – Will changes be ready by November?
  • Wan – Asked for an analysis how legislation will impact? We must stay ahead of it and be on top of the issues.
  • Wingate – Looking at plan for the first time. What role does the board play in the plan? Board must be involved.
  • Ruth – Would like to see an organizational chart. What is the role of Happy Face going forward? Plans to phase them out and use county employees. 
  • Nurridin – Who is Barron reporting to?
  • Johnson – Board should have buy-in to plan.
  • Barron – Suggestion for plan are from many groups. Suggested that board have a work session and go over the plan in detail.
  • Cheryl Ringer – Groups came together in past for plan including a task force.
  • Wingate – What about the $50,000 penalty?
  • Ringer – Every requirement from the consent order was met.
  • Wan take away:
    • Survey questions
    • Work session to dive into plan and recommendations
    • Role to establish priorities and monitor the plan
    • Who Barron reports to

Operations Report

Operations – Williams presented

Registration – Jones presented

  • 856,462 registered
  • 818,722 active voters
  • 5,695 application
    • Less than normal
    • Reached out to SOS
      • 17,938 with 11,105 new registrations
      • 235 removed felons
      • 1,000 deaths
      • 3,270 moved out of the county

Administration – McCloud

  • Dedication and support from financial and purchasing departments
  • Funded through all grants
  • Paying invoices
  • 2 positions – deputy director and voter outreach specialist
  • Monitoring legislature bills
  • Wingate – $10 million from grant. Wants an update with details of where grant money was spent.
    • Barron requested additional equipment

Review BRE meeting schedule

  • April 8 meeting moved to April 15 because of spring break
  • November 11 meeting moved to November 12 because of holiday

Who has oversight of the director?

Dr. Ruth proposed sending a letter to the AG asking who has authority relating to the employment of the Director. Ruth has a letter drafted.

  • Wingate – It is a legal issue.
  • Wan – Asked Ruth to send a letter draft to him and the board will have input on the letter.

Did you know that the public can attend Board of Registration and Elections meetings? 

These meetings are open to the public by Georgia law. Georgia Open Meetings Act.

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