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Fulton County Board of Elections Meeting 06/17/21

In attendance: 

Members: Alex Wan, Chair; Aaron Johnson; Mark Wingate; Vernetta Keith Nuridden, , Vice Chair; Dr. Katherine Ruth

Staff: Mariska Bodison, Patrick Eskridge, Sharon Benjamin, Ralph Jones, Nadine Williams

Meeting chaired by Alex Wan:

1.  Approval of Agenda – approved

 2. Communications and Public Response (One comment thanking Ms. Nuridden for her service)


3. Approval of Minutes: Ø Executive Session Meeting- April 15, 2021 Ø Special Meeting/ Work Session- May 4, 2021 Ø Regular Meeting- May 13, 2021 Ø Executive Session Meeting- May 13, 2021

All were approved.

4. Monthly Operations Report for May 2021 – presented by Director Richard Barron and comments from all board members and County election staff. This section took up most of the meeting, ~90 minutes; topics included budget, staffing, confirmation of persons on voter rolls, equipment, voting issues making headlines recently, current audit.


5. Acknowledgement of Vice Chair Mrs. Vernetta Keith Nuriddin for years of service: She was elegantly praised by all as this was her last meeting.

6. Approval of Drop Boxes throughout the County:

Drop box locations:  number decreased from 38 in 2020 to 8 now per SB202.  Working group using GIS plus volume of voters in last year to select the 8 sites.  BOE reviewed and approved the suggestions with one change.  SB 202 also states that any municipality conducting its own elections (as opposed to having Fulton county BRE do it) must have its own dropbox for that election. In cases when both municipal and County or State elections are happening in the same cycle, this will require two separate ballots (one for the municipal election and one for the other) and two separate drop boxes, which may be in 2 separate locations.  Discussion whether the District commissioners need to approve plan.

7. Voter Education and Outreach Plan:

The existing materials and procedures are being updated.  Board members received draft copies in their packets.  There was mention of measuring outcomes but not what outcomes or how.  Mr. Eskridge said a timeline for finalizing the plan will be forthcoming.  

EXECUTIVE SESSION Personnel Matters and/or Discussion of Litigation. 

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