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Douglas County 8/10/23

Members present: Myesha Good (chair), Maurice Hurry (vice-chair), Michele Crochetiere, Chad Word,
Kevin Evans
Director: Milton Kidd

Office operations
M. Kidd and staff reported on the following:
? They have conducted the first round of training for the area managers to prepare for the
upcoming election.
? They received a letter from the state saying funding for replacing certain damaged pieces of
equipment will not be available. They have 50 units needing to be replaced.
? Kidd reported that the election equipment has been distributed. Referring to the issue of
replacing damaged equipment, he said he will look at his budget to determine if funds might be
available. He noted the costs will be $500 for each piece. M. Crochetiere asked if they could
check with other counties about buying together to get better pricing. Kidd said he anticipates
that will come up when he gets word from the state on the types of equipment they can
purchase and the vendors.
? The Villa Rica redistricting changes are in the system. They have mailed letters to affected voters
about the changes. They will be sending out voter cards when they get them from the state.

Old business
Kidd and staff reported:
? 2,600 No Contact notices have been sent out.
? The Georgia Emergency Management and Homeland Security Agency will be conducting a
security assessment on the security and storage of voting equipment. It has not been scheduled
yet. Replying to M. Hurry, Kidd said this is the first time the state has done this sort of an
assessment. The county office has done them in the past.

New business
Kidd reported:
? Two polling places will be changed for the 2024 election: the Chapel Hill Church and First Baptist
Douglasville have opted out as polling locations. The office has identified possible locations.
When the changes are made, they will place signage up. M. Good asked if they will be in the
same area. Kidd said polling places have to be within two miles of all voters.
? They will be meeting with the Douglas County Democratic Party about the upcoming election.
He said they will meet with any group or party that requests it.

? They are working on advanced voting sites. When they have identified locations, they will post
them on the website.
? He said they will participate in the county’s September Saturdays events. They will have a table
to provide info and register voters.
Board concerns K. Evans asked if they could consider returning to virtual meetings. Kidd said they are no longer allowed to do that, but they are looking at a policy where members can attend virtually if they cannot make it in person.
Crochetiere announced the District 4 commissioner will be having a town hall meeting this Saturday.

These meetings are open to the public by Georgia law.  

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