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DEKALB BRE Meeting Thursday, October 12, 2023, 4:35

    Karli Swi= (At Large) Chair
    Vasu Abhiraman (D) Vice Chair
    Nancy Jester (R)
    Anthony Lewis (R)
    Susan MoLer (D)
    Amend to move PLEJ to “Items for discussion”
    Passes 5 – 0
  3. APPROVAL OF MINUTES from 8/31 and 9/14 meetings
    Passes 5 – 0
    Naomi Bock: Thanks to BRE for extensive Early Voting days and hours.
    Bill Henderson: Would like update on “Adopt-a-Precinct” plans, and doesn’t think the volunteers in this program would do a good job.
    A. Director’s Report (p. 13)
    Director Smith reports they currently have about 1000 hand-completed voter registrations, 1000
    applications completed on MVP, and 5000 registrations from DDS. LAT is ongoing. Hubs for Ballot
    Marking Devices are being deployed and voting equipment is being moved to the Memorial Drive
    facility. The hubs take up about as much space in trucks as the old equipment cages. Polling places will
    have all BMDs and printers in hubs, except the disabled voting stations will be out on tables.
    She says they currently have 30 temps but will hire more during the election.
    Early Voting location Wade Walker YMCA won’t be available, reducing locations from 14 to 13.
    Their outreach at the GSU Dekalb campus resulted in 15 Voter Registrations. Will do outreach at a “Fire and Safety” festival.B.
  6. PLEJ Member Agreement (p. 23)
    Jester: Wants to know more about PLEJ including who funds it. Director Smith responds that
    membership is open to the four biggest counties in each state and any county with over 300,000 voters.
    PLEJ works toward establishing best practices in election law, public relations, cyber security, personnelmanagement and logistics.
    Jester: wants to know more about the party affiliation of poll workers so there is “parity.” In the past,
    party affiliation was asked on the Poll Worker application form but a response was not required. Jester
    asks that the department work with political parties to recruit poll workers.

Director Smith notes that they will have some split shifts for workers for November 2023. Discusses
features of new space at Memorial Drive.


A. Election Day Managers (p. 17)
Jester moves to approve list of 174 polling places and poll managers. Discussion on whether the
managers have experience, and discussion on training for the new cellular poll pads and GARVIS.
Passes 5 – 0

8. EXECUTIVE SESSION to discuss litigation at 5:25pm
Reconvenes 6pm.
Motter: says board voted regarding
2015 – 085
2016 – 042
2018 – 039
2020 – 045
2020 – 160
2020 – 175
2020 – 215
authorizing the execution of the consent order in a form approved by the county attorney.
Passes 5 – 0

Thanks to staff and public


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