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In attendance:
Kimberly Copeland (Member, D)
Gabriel Shippy (Member, D)
Ken Cochran (Member, R)
Thomas Sandoval (Member, R)


Charlotte Sosebee (Chief Registrar & Director of Elections)

Approval of new voter registration applicants and hearings of deleted voters

Vote to add 1,003 new voter applications to the voter lists. Either rejected or removed from the rolls: 72. Unanimously approved.

Preparation for the upcoming presidential preference primary

Early voting started February 8th and ends this Friday, on 26th.

Adams will transfer equipment to voting locations. Ballots were mailed out on the deadline: January 15th.

Registration deadline:  February 1st (these applications were already approved)

584 voters cast ballots on Saturday.

Approval/appointment of poll managers and staff

Area manager precinct evaluation: updated the old evaluation form and made it look better.

Approved and appointed the poll workers and managers for the March 1st primary.

Duties of board and certifying the election

Board is using a new vendor (ADP) for time management systems. They will have to pay for extra licenses for these temporary workers.

Early tabulation of absentee ballots on Election Day Starts at 1:00 p.m.

Qualifying for Democratic candidates and judicial candidates held in office beginning at 9 a.m. on March 7th ends at noon.

On Friday, Chairwoman Sosebee has to certify candidates and post a notice in the lobby. The law says it has to be posted in the courthouse, but there’s a provision that allows the board of elections to post in the office on Friday the 11th. Chairwoman Sosebee confirmed this with the Secretary of State.

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