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Macon-Bibb County Board of Elections 04/30/20




Dial in #: (978) 990-5000 / USE ACCESS CODE: 625918 

CALL TO ORDER: Mr. Mike Kaplan, Chairperson called the meeting to order at ______ p.m. RECOGNITION OF VISITORS: 

A) Welcome & Recognition of Visitors via Teleconference 


Request approval of the minutes from the regular Board meeting held Thursday, March 19, 2020 (ACTION) 

Request approval of the minutes from the Special Call meeting held Thursday, March 26, 2020 (ACTION) 


A) Request approval for FY 2021 Budget proposal (ACTION) 

B) Request approval for Sunday Voting – Discussion (ACTION) a. Recommendation is the Sunday after Saturday Voting 

C) (SEB Rule 183-1-14-0.6-.14) Secure Absentee Ballot Drop Boxes (ACTION) D) Secretary of State General Primary Absentee Ballot Package  

  • New Bus, C: Motion was made by Henry Ficklin to secure for installation. The cost is $4200 for two boxes. The decision must be made for appropriate locations that would be secure and easy access — possibly drive-through. One suggestion was the bus station. The board member will contact Transit Auth. Motion passed.
  • New Bus, D: Instructions are confusing because the “envelope” is actually a sheet of paper. The word should get out that ballots will be counted if the sheet is not used, since the instructions are wrong. The Postmaster will be familiar with and handle accordingly. The ballot instructions will state “privacy sleeve” instead of a privacy envelope.


A) Postmaster Committee – Update 

B) Supplemental budget request approval – Update 

  • Old Bus, B: Supplemental funds secured as needed for extra supplies, ballot paper, hand trucks, security expenses, etc. for elections. Hand trucks supplied by the state were too flimsy to handle the equipment. $377K was obtained.

C) Request final approval from the Board to change the East Macon 2 (EM2) precinct polling location which  is St. Paul A.M.E. Church located at 2501 Shurling Dr., Macon, GA 31217 to St. Matthew Baptist Church  located at 1211 Shurling Dr., Macon, GA 31211 (ACTION) 

  • Old Bus, C: Motion passed

D) Request approval from the Board to remain at the Godfrey 4 (GF4) precinct polling location which is  Bruce Elementary School (ACTION) 

  • Old Bus, D, E: Schools will open for election day. No Motion required since nothing changes

E) Northeast High School East Macon 3 (EM3) precinct polling location – Update  

F) Macon Evangelist Church Warrior 2 (WA2) precinct polling location – Update

  • Old Bus, F: No update because no new location has been found to replace. 

G) Move the May regular Board meeting to Thursday, May 21, 2020 


A) Items from the Chief Registrar 

  • Oth Bus, A: Over 19000 ballots mailed out, less than 2000 returned so far. SOS mailed out 117,000 to active GA voters. (Select link in above Document heading to view updated Copy that includes application numbers.)

a. (Include number abs applications mailed and ballots returned) 

B) Items from Board Members 

C) Items from the Supervisor 

  • Oth Bus, C: PPE will not be provided to poll workers. The state will provide grant funds up to $5000 to reimburse PPE expenses.
  • Absentee ballots returned can be opened ahead of time but the tally will remain secure until election returns are reported.
  • Due to shelter-in-place requirements, poll workers are scarce. New recruits are needed but care must be taken to hire people who have not been in hotspots. Ficklin suggested requesting help from teachers in the school district. May 5 – 25 will be a busy time for teachers due to e-learning paperwork. Bd of Ed member was on call and Supv. will follow up with him.
  • More storage space was required

D) Correspondence: (Copies for Board meeting files) 

a. Approved Supplemental Budget for Elections Supplies 

b. FY 2021 Budget Proposal ADJOURNMENT:

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