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Athens-Clarke County Board of Elections Meeting 12/01/20

Meeting Start 4:30 Meeting End 6:00

Members Present

Jesse Evans

Rocky Raffle

Patricia A. Till

Willa J. Fambrough

Charles Knapper, Vice Chairperson

Meeting is started with discussion about the recount of the election.

The vote recount ended up with 13 extra votes calling for a certification.

Trump: 14,450

Biden 36,055

Morganson: 841

Voter turnouts 69.62% there was a 0.2% increase in voter turnout as well

The county states  that they lost an absentee ballot due to a scan of 1 less ballot on the recount. They don’t know where the ballot went or how the mishap occurred.

Motion to recertify the Election results

Knapper seconds 

Motion carried 

Runoff election on December 3 2020 is discussed next.

Monday 742 votes at the office

The office opened 4 more locations tuesday.

As of 4pm 1558 early absentee  ballots have already been casted and are ready for tabulation making it about 8% of the ballots back 

4849 voters have already voted early in the location

No complaints at polling locations.

The county is receiving ballots for the roll over list of voters who are 65 and older or disabled and the county will send out ballots soon.

The county also states that they are receiving many applications for absentee ballots as well.

 They will start officially start sending out the ballots this week.

About 25,000 will be requested from the state to cover the cost of the runoff election.

The are looking to consolidate the  City Hall, Board of Election office, Library in the plastics center  and Keep advanced voting at holding advanced voting at the classics center, Miriam moore, the extension office,

And the tennis center for the last week.

A member of the board says he would like to see all advanced locations open for all 3 weeks

The times are Mon-Tues 8am-5pm Wed-friday 8-7 

New week 8am-5 except wednesday 8-7

A member of the board has a question about the spaces and safety concerns of the classics center.

Another member of the board states that the poll workers are calling in for the non important run-off election but are wanting to work the senate race.

The county had about 200+ poll workers in November’s Election 

The county has about 135 poll workers in December as of now.

The Head Member does not want to move the library as a polling place as he thinks that the library is a notable polling location in the county and voters may become confused in the poling location is changed.

The county is having some difficulty strategizing how to inform the public on the change of advance voting location and will have to media blast the potential  moving of the location through social media,newspapers, website, and advertisements.

No decision is made as of yet but he county will ask for funding before the change is confirmed.

Upcoming meetings 

December 4 , Provision ballot certification

December 8, Regular Meeting

Did you know that the public can attend Board of Registration and Elections meetings? 

These meetings are open to the public by Georgia law. Georgia Open Meetings Act.

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