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Lowndes County Board of Elections Meeting 05/12/20

Meeting start time: 4:30   and end time: 4:53 p.m.
Board members present: Ray Corbett, Member, Carla Jordan, Chairman, Jackie Goolsby, Member, Deb Cox, Supervisor of Elections

Number of members of the public present: At least 4 that I heard on the call. 

It was very difficult to hear due to background noise. 

Citizen thanks for inviting people to call in from home, and thanked adding a large sign for indicating where a ballot drop box would be to be able to see from the road. Encouraged efforts to make it as easy as possible to vote by mail. Trust that the absentee ballots have been coming in. Emailed with Ms. Cox about nursing homes and they’re ability to vote because of restricted access. Important to make an extra effort that those people can vote. Suggested an outreach to people in each home responsible to disseminating this information, would appreciate if we could redouble in that regard on a local level. 

Citizen asked about the status of the ballots cast in early election in March. Ms. Cox replied the will be counted on June 9. Wonderful that state sent out absentee ballot requests. Asked that someone outline the steps for processing through dropbox or through the mail. MS. Cox offered to answer via email. Citizen asked about voter signatures on request and ballot about who verifies the signatures. A majority of the three have to reject the signature. Nothing rejected; a provisional ballot and care affidavit goes out, that voter is required to respond with photo ID and confirmation of identity. 

Election of new board chairs effective June 1 2020, nomination of Mr. Jackie Goolsby to serve as chair, approved. 

Supervisor’s report (Deb Cox) – 125% over budget, no unusual expenditures. Standing by for two reimbursements of $10,000 each, plus overage of $6,500, if new equipment needed they are ready. 

Northgate Church has passed all hurdles, will need motion and vote to adopt as polling place for November. Vote passed that Northgate after passing all hurdles is now one of the new polling places in Lowndes. 

Mt. Calvary church has passed hurdles to add, will split precinct 11 in half and allow enough equipment. Has passed all hurdles. Passed vote, Mt. Calvary Church will be a new polling location at 505 E. Fourth St. (Force?)

Pollworkers for June 9 election. Need 185, down to 48. If it becomes necessary to combine precincts for June 9, propse to eliminate or combine some precincts. Open precinct one, close two (trinity). Open northside 3, nailor 4, rainwater 5, mildred 6, papermill 7, close stature (8), open south Lowndes 9, close precinct 10 BSU, close jc shatt (11) 

COVID and extra $600 on top of unemployment not conducive to offering $7.25 hour to work. 

Propose: floor markings for distance, pollworkers given mask, gloves, hand sanitizer, and equipment wipe, wipe every hour and between each voter. Voter: glove, styluses that can be wiped off, one alcohol wipe to wipe down whatever they want to, and things will be wiped down between. Signage and polling place signs need to be ordered, if precincts close need three signs to redirect. Don’t see any shortage of PPE at all. 

Dropbox for ballots is very popular used every day, emptied every 24 hours at the minimum. Have brought in a couple young people to help

Discussing procedures for processing the thousands of ab ballots that need to processed. State looking into legality of opening the day before. When does observation start, they don’t have to watch the whole thing, have to watch the transfer, but if they want pollwatchers, how will it work, will they have to be sequestered, will they have to get hotels overnight with guards. 72 or 96 hour day if can’t work on it until polling day. State working on it. 

Will have more information on how this will work closer to the election. 

No unfinished business, no new business. Meeting adjourned at 4:53 p.m. until June 9, at 4:30 with new chair. 

Did you know that the public can attend Board of Registration and Elections meetings? 

These meetings are open to the public by Georgia law. Georgia Open Meetings Act.

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