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Henry County Board of Elections Meeting 02/03/21

Board Members:

Dr. Donna Morris-McBride 

Andy Callaway

Arch Brown

Mildred Schmelz

Donna Crumbley

Henry county Board of Election February 3, 2021 Meeting Notes

Meeting is Called to order

Update: Absentee ballot applications will not be able to be sent out to all voters due to us not being able to get the requirements in time.

The Board of education is concerned about paying for the election

The Attorney General has said that the Board of Education should participate in payment of the referendum.

Is it possible to have a memorandum of understanding?

We would like to have a meeting with the board of education and form a memorandum

CTCO Grant

Breakdown from january $787,780

$283,000 Discrepancy

Exceeded that amount to pay extra workers $505,000

How could you not have that breakdown.

One of the workers has already sent that to you I believe

Board Member Crumbly: The file size was too big to open and some things were redacted. I want an unredacted information

Some things have to be redacted.

Board Member Crumbly: I don’t understand why

Patrick Jaugsetter: I will check to see what was redacted, why, and if we can share that information. We do have to redact some personal information.

Director’s report on house 90

89 In person votes

2 absentee request

Board Comments

Board Member Crumbly: I would like to know the budget for the year

Director: July is the start of the fiscal year. I will have it for you soon.

Meeting adjourned

Did you know that the public can attend Board of Registration and Elections meetings? 

These meetings are open to the public by Georgia law. Georgia Open Meetings Act.

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