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Henry County Board of Elections Meeting 05/05/21

BOARD MEMBER RESIGNATION. Arch Brown submitted his letter of resignation from the elections board. However, the law prevents the board from conducting business if the non-partisan position is vacant. The Board submitted a resolution to the legislature for an exemption or change of the law, but it was not addressed before the session ended. Mr. Brown has agreed to stay on until the vacancy is filled, so the BOE can continue to function. Additional members whose terms end on June 30, 2021 are Donna Crumbley and Donna McBride. Director Pitts will advise the Board of Commissioners of Mr. Brown’s pending resignation today, so they can begin the process of finding a replacement. 

POLLING LOCATION CHANGE. The East Lake polling location cannot be held at Salem Baptist Church due to a conflicting event on June 15. The East Lake Elementary School has agreed to be the replacement. The board unanimously approved the change.

JUNE 15 ELECTION, EARLY VOTING. All early voting will take place at the BOE in McDonough on the following dates: May 24-28, closed Memorial Day, June 1-4, June 5 (Saturday), and June 7- 11. The board unanimously approved the dates.

DOUBLE VOTING INVESTIGATION. The Secretary of State sent a list of 55 possible “double” voters to Director Ameika Pitts. She was asked to compare the list to the Easy Voter program and absentee ballot envelopes. Only two administrative errors were found. Andy Calloway requested a copy of the response sent to the SOS.

JUNE 15 SPECIAL ELECTION. Director Pitts reported many questions about whether the District 3 appointee would have an (I) preceding his name on the ballot, indicating him as the incumbent. Many are opposed to listing an appointee as the incumbent because he was not elected. Attorney Patrick Jaugstetter reported his office’s opinion that the current holder of the District 3 seat must have an (I) preceding his name as he is the incumbent. The opinion is based on the definition of incumbent and three Georgia Supreme Court decisions: Pike v. Callaway-Ingram (2013), Pittman v. Ingram (1937), Garcia vs. Miller

2020 QUALIFYING CANDIDATES PROCEDURES. Donna Crumbley (Republican) stated that the Democratic party did not report the 2020 qualifying candidates to the Superior Court by the deadline as the Republican party did. She asked the Director Ameika Pitts to explain why that did not happen. Mr. Calloway asked if Ms. Crumbley was saying that nonqualified candidates ran for election. Chair Donna McBride and Ms. Pitts clarified that they can only attest to the BOE’s responsibilities and actions and Director Pitts had previously explained to Ms. Crumbly that the BOE did deliver the list of qualifying candidates to the Superior Court per requirements. Brook Scriner delivered them to the court.

E-SPLOST ELECTION COSTS. Director Pitts reported that the cost of having a single item election ballot for the E-Splost was $62,279.28. Attorney Jangstetter stated The Board of Education will take up the invoice on 5/10/21. He recommended that the Board of Elections take up discussion regarding potential lawsuits about the invoice in the executive session.

Did you know that the public can attend Board of Registration and Elections meetings? 

These meetings are open to the public by Georgia law. Georgia Open Meetings Act.

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