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Henry County Board of Elections Meeting 9/7/22

Meeting Called to order 

Invocation and Pledge of Allegiance 

An executive session is removed for today due to not having the support of the communications team 

Approval of previous minutes 

August 3rd 

August 10th 

August 17th 


Director Report 

Ms. Pitts:  

Absentee Ballot report 

  • 2117 Requested 
  • 1505 Rollover 
  • 612 Accepted 
  • No rejects 

Ballot Proofing: Currently in the process of getting our projects completed so we can get those absentee ballots out 

Logic and accuracy: Started August 24th, Once the projects come in possibly Friday, we can move forward. 


Currently interviewing for Assistant director, 

Administrative Assistant position 

Board request: 

Request for financial disclosure about qualifying candidates. I have included this information in your packet 

Do you have issues with candidates not meeting deadlines? 

Yes. However, we do have multiple ways in which they can provide us with the information to file. 

Poll worker training 

Our backup is currently running poll worker training 

When do you think the precinct cards will be available? 

Due to the redistricting error, we held off on sending them out. 

Is the my voter page information correct? 


Then I believe it may just be the right thing to go ahead with the re-order 

Old Business 

Mount Zion Methodist church will be replacing Ellenwood oak community church as a location. 

Discussion on whether a Chief magistrate Judge candidate qualifies for a refund after being denied 

Motion to approve candidate’s refund 


Voter Challenges Language 

Steltzer: I have a couple of concerns about these challenges. We need clarifying language on our addresses which are acceptable. 

We also need to consider what large numbers are for challenges more specifically.  

The board will not honor a challenge that is a spreadsheet with 5000  

21-2-30 Allows someone to challenge a voter on election day and the board would be called to have a hearing 

Intergovernmental Agreements: 

Will be brought forward later, but I wanted to bring it to your attention to it so we can be ahead of the game for next year 

Public Comments 

*Will now be allowed in person day of 

Robert Hinton: We need to open our elections more and have more information available to the public. I know this is not the sole responsibility of the board. 

The board would like to ask members of the public to send in questions they have as we will be becoming more transparent with our voter education campaign. Email your questions to [email protected]. We will be checking it frequently and responding. 

Did you know that the public can attend Board of Registration and Elections meetings? 

These meetings are open to the public by Georgia law.  

Become a Peanut Gallery Volunteer Monitor at our next training on the 4th Tuesday of the month at 6pm! visit for more information! 

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