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Floyd County Board of Elections Meeting 05/11/21

Called to order at 12:01 p.m. 

Melanie Conrad, Chair opened the meeting.“John Scott (Husser) is unable to attend so we will have to table that discussion.” (She is referring to new office location) 

Melanie Conrad, Corey Townsend present. Also Vanessa Waddell, Interim Chief Clerk. 

Vote: Minutes approved 

Vote: Today’s Agenda approved 

Chair: ‘My plan for the Chair’s report was to talk about the items under new business, but we may have to table most of those. Was going to talk about new poll worker training. There has been some turnover among staff. 

We did a tour of the health dep’t yesterday to consider as location for new office.’ 

Interim Chief-Clerk report: 

Brief unintelligible statement about postponed discussion. 

—“Update on inventory, 266 (unintelligible item), 266 printers, 124 UPS, 45 scanner boxes, 1 central scanner, 50+ poll pads, (unintelligible #) election box” Overheard—observer in audience states there are 28 scanners. 

Chair—Wendy Davis of the City will want to meet about pricing. (for tech support? unclear) 

Chair—’Many of us have toured the Health Dep’t separately, there is a lot of space. Not for everything, but most of it. Health Dep’t very willing to facilitate space modifications. Need to learn more (from builder? architect?) about adapting it for their needs.’ 

—Man from audience suggests a “highly qualified” local man to consider adapting the space. Says that person did a similar build in Bartow County recently. 

Motion from Corey Townsend to go into executive session “to talk about this.” (Apparently about the new office space costs?) Chair agrees. 

In Exec. Session for about 25 min, John Scott Husser present when meeting resumes. Immediately adjourn. 

NOTE: Chief Clerk’s office has been vacant since December. Radio reporter also present, says the board is expected to hire a new Chief Clerk sometime in the next month or two. Apparently many decisions are being postponed because of this vacancy. 

From Rome Tribune, City election in November is the only one expected this year and Dominion staff will be hired for tech support during that period. municipal-elections-still-waiting-on-clerk-position-approval/article_a6544be6-8105-11eb-8dad-0f afe27aa059.html

Did you know that the public can attend Board of Registration and Elections meetings? 

These meetings are open to the public by Georgia law. Georgia Open Meetings Act.

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