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Polk County Board of Elections Meeting 04/14/21

I. Call to order at 2:07 PM Presiding: Ryan Robinson 

II. Invocation: Richard Long 

III. Roll call: All Members Present 

IV. Public Comment: None at this time 

V. Approval of Minutes from March 10th, 2020 Board of Elections Meeting VI. Letter of Recommendation- Madilynne Reynolds 

VII. Address Challenges 

Paul L. Barton- Registration via DDS 12/2020- Insufficient Address 

After further review, the address given is non-residential, and Mr. Barton was sent notice  of the issue. The notice included the immediate need for contact and a new registration  application to correct any issues. 

Following the 40 Day window, no response from Mr. Barton was received. A Notice of  Hearing was issued, thus allowing for an additional 40 days to contact the Election Office.  No response has been received as of April 14th, 2021. 

Mrs. Coggins requested the board make the motion to reject Mr. Barton’s application on  the grounds of insufficient information and no response from the voter in question. 

Mr. Long made the motion. Mr. Boring seconded. Vote carried unanimously. Stacy Hall- Potential Out of State Voter 

Ms. Hall updated her registration information on September 24th, 2020. Once processed,  she was issued a Voter Precinct Card from The Secretary of State. It was then returned to  the office as undeliverable with a possible forwarding address located in Arizona.  

A letter requesting new information or cancellation of her registration was sent, and has  since been returned. 

The board requested Mrs. Coggins continue to investigate further into election activity of  Ms. Hall, and forward her findings to the Secretary of State’s Office. Additionally, the  board requested follow up information be presented at the next board meeting. 

VIII. Coordinator’s Report: Brande Coggins 

i. Voter Education 

Voter Registration Month has begun, and the office is hoping to gain more  interest with the help of the social media campaign and in-person registration at  Cedar Valley Arts Festival on April 24th

Currently, Polk County has reached 26,200 registered voters, and is on track to  accomplish the goal of 27,000 prior to the end of the year. 

ii. Equipment Delivery 

Bagby Transfer provided a quote for Election Equipment Delivery at the rate of  $165 per hour Monday-Friday and $190 per hour Saturday and Sunday. 

Prior to moving forward, the board has requested an in-person visit from Espie  Group based out of Kennesaw for comparison. 

iii. Contingency Planning 

Emergency Planning is not yet complete for the office. Once confirmation has  been received by Lime Branch Church, Morningview, and the City of Cedartown,  the action plan will be finalized and presented to the board for approval. 

iv. UGA Ballot Study 

The University of Georgia is conduction an Absentee Ballot Study across the state.  This study has been explained as a focus on margin of error relating to signature verification. They have requested random ballot envelopes be selected, images  scanned, and then sent to the Secretary of State. These images will then be  compiled and transmitted to the University so they may complete their study. 

Our office sent the requested information, and no further action is required at  this time. 

v. SOS Investigation 

In addition to the UGA study, The Secretary of State’s Office is investigating  possible double votes cast in June and August Primaries across the state. 

Polk County received information on six possible double votes cast during this  time. Three during June, and three during August were reported. Our office is  currently investigating these individually, and have concluded two out of the six  as administrative/poll worker errors where an incorrect person was selected at  the time of voting. 

The remaining four are being researched, and our office will inform the board  once complete. 

vi. Upcoming Dates and Deadlines 

The board will meet with the Finance Committee on April 21st at 10:00 am to  discuss Advance Voting for 2022. 

Aragon UMC has offered the fellowship hall as an alternative to the Aragon  Community Center for Election Day, and dates for inspection are to be provided.  Board member availability has been established and sent to Justin Arnold, Pastor  of Aragon UMC for confirmation. 

IX. Adjournment 

Motion made by Mr. Robinson to adjourn. Mr. Long seconded. Vote carried unanimously  at 4:12 PM.

Did you know that the public can attend Board of Registration and Elections meetings? 

These meetings are open to the public by Georgia law. Georgia Open Meetings Act.

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