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Fulton County Board of Elections Meeting 03/18/20

Agenda approved

Public response

Garland Favorito – He asked the board to consider urging people to vote from home. They can get a ballot by email, online or phone.

Forest Web, Fulton County clerk – Thanked the board for the work they do and their support.

Linda Prichert – She reiterated the need to vote by mail. She requested the board post a fact sheet where people can get help thus avoiding some confusion that is circulating.

Approval of precincts

2/20 – move from Barack and Michelle Obama Academy to 768 Hank Aaron Drive due to renovations at the Academy

3/20 – move from Riverwood High School to Heards Ferry Elementary School due to renovations at the high school

4/20 – move Epo1 A&B (Not sure that is correct as it was hard to understand. Couldn’t understand the name of the site.) to United Methodist Church.

**My note: Nothing was mentioned as to how voters will be notified.

Update on rescheduled primary and bond issue – May 19

  • Votes from the presidential primary are secured and will be tabulated on election night.
  • Those who voted will received a ballot during the general primary without the presidential primary ballot.
  • If voters haven’t already voted, they will receive a presidential primary ballot and a general state and county primary ballot.
  • April 27 begins early voting
  • April 20 registration deadline
  • Barron reported: 

Postcards with an application for voting is being mailed in the county.

State is talking about having an online application, applications sent to 60+ and an application sent to everyone.

Suggested pushing ballot by mail

  • Johnson asked: Since GA is not a party registration state, are general and presidential candidates are on the same ballot? Can voters get what they want?
  • Registration deadline is April 20 for the May 19 primary. Will voters still be eligible to vote in Presidential and General primary?
  • Nuriddin asked for the board to receive all communications before they are released to the public.

Meeting adjourned.

Did you know that the public can attend Board of Registration and Elections meetings? 

These meetings are open to the public by Georgia law. Georgia Open Meetings Act.

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