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Gwinnett Board of Elections Meeting 10/20/20

Meeting Start 6:00 Meeting End 7:23

Meeting Officially called to session at 6:06 All members are present

Motion to approve agenda

Motion approved

Motion to approve minutes from september 15

Motion approved

Chrissy says the county is at 89 percent of their goal for staffing the polls. 

They need more than 8 non-issuing clerks to help hold lines and other tasks to be considered at 100%

Says the wait times and lines have been good compared to the start of the first week but are anticipating election day and weekend voting.

The county is receiving a volume of returned voted ballots from voters so they are currently accepting the ballots that were received on October 15th will check the earlier dates ballots later. Chrissy also says the county has received up to 8,900 returned ballots in one day alone.

They are trying to explain to voters that ballots dropped in the drop box take a while to be counted due to the volume of ballots being processed in the county.

Absentee applications so far : 191,767

Have accepted :189,830

Have rejected 1,937 

 Main Reasons for rejection are for multiple ballot requests.

227 ballots are missing signatures and have been rejected

65 ballots have been rejected due voters requesting a ballot before the 180 day period. 

55,332  processed accepted ballots

Ballots needing cure: 308 

196 signature missing 

112 signature mismatch 

52 have returned their cure affidavit 

581,142 registered voters in Gwinnett county 

40,360 inactive voters in county

621, 502 total voters

Starting processing ballots from oct 13 from precincts 1-57 

Were able to send a one person household mailer to each voter in the county with all important election information in the county and they have already been sent out.

Chrissy said the board will need to set a time for a special meeting for certification. 

They will have an election day special call meeting, provisional ballots special call meeting, special call meeting for certification and then a regular meeting.

 Will start provisional meeting at 9:30

Stephen says the rejection numbers are very low in the county and is appreciative.

He says Thursday and Friday were very active days in the county.

Chrissy says the county is going to do more extensive training to instruct poll managers on how to address poll watchers.

Stephen asks the rule about people handing out food and drinks at the polls.

Chrissy says the person can hand out water and food as long as it is not in exchange for a vote. They will not police anybody handing out water in long lines.

18.15% in administrative budget remaining 

24.22% election budget remaining 


$6,000 and $15,000 from Secretary of State’s office 

Schwarzenegger: $100,000 

CtCl: $4,0000,000

The county has a challenged voter that’s had a problem receiving the wrong ballot. The ballot that was delivered to her house was registered to another person that does not live at that residence. 

The challenge would be to remove the person from the voter rolls that can’t provide the accurate address.

Motion to uphold challenge 

Challenge upheld

The county board also approves the list of poll managers for the week of 10/26

Public Comments

Abby O. asks the board if they could consider using a hotline service for language translation for some voters in the county. She shares the number 770-239-6649.

Owry R. recommends that the county has at least 40% capacity in supplies for registered voters  in order to keep long lines down.

Public member ask chrissy about the open requests that he as filed in the county and address the issue about seniors not being able to skip the line for voting days.

He also says some poll workers in the county were not aware of how to handle the provisional ballot process.

The board with have a meeting at tuesday 10/27/20  at 5:00 for certification

Meeting adjourned.

Did you know that the public can attend Board of Registration and Elections meetings? 

These meetings are open to the public by Georgia law. Georgia Open Meetings Act.

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