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Dekalb County Board of Elections Meeting 11/30/20

Meeting Highlights

  1.  Early voting locations will not accept Absentee Ballots
  2. A vote is made to finalize Early voting hours and give the director authority to choose the last three early voting sites.

Called to order

Public Comments


Commissioner Johnson: 

We have submitted the civic life grant

We are working on getting a complete list for drop boxes

I would like there to be a discussion today about why Poll workers have not yet been paid.

New Business

Review contract with HR Marketing

There is a proposal to keep this contract going to the end of calendar year

Motion made to adopt this change to the contract


Recount Update

In the final phases

Currently looking over final ballots before we start the review process.

Predicting special meeting not needed as the numbers have not yet changed

This should be done today

Staff Update

There is more attention to detail and preparation needed on various issues and to that end I would suggest that we hire a COO.

Erica Hamilton: We have had problems with pay periods and so we have hired a person for that as well as various other tasks. I believe we need more specialized staff instead of a COO

Vice Chair: I would like to see those hires in paper

Ms Smith: I would like to ask about the availability of new people of a COO.

We need these issues rundown BEFORE they come to the board. We DO NOT have the processes we need in place. We need someone who will respond to emails and answer our questions in a timely manner. 

Ms. Motter: I believe I concur with Ms. Smith. A COO could relieve Mr. Tillman had a lot of stress acting as our Chair and an employee simultaneously. *stops and does not want to do a performance review. 

Anthony Lewis: We also need to be updated on the minutes and why we are behind

Baoky Vu(Vice Chair): We need to Ms. Hamilton to be adequately equipped with employees and to that end we need to assign someone as her #2.

Ms. Smith: We need to get this info in writing to Ms. Hamilton

Early Voting Location:

We do not currently have a finalized list of locations. Right now we are looking for locations

Suggested hours


8 AM –  6  PM


9 AM – 4 PM


12 PM – 4 PM


8 AM – 5 PM

When will the list be done?

Wednesday the list will be finalized with about 13 locations

Dele Smith: Disappointed with not having the list done yet. I would like to ask how we decided on these hours?

Ms. Hamilton: We looked at trends for the hours

Ms. Smith: I believe we should keep our previous hours outside of holidays

According to what you have we need 3 more locations to get to 13.

Hours would be 

Monday-Friday 7AM – 7PM

Saturday 9AM – 6PM

Sunday 12PM – 6PM

A vote is made to finalize these hours and give the director authority to choose the last three locations.

A question is posed that the board should look into drop boxes at every polling site.

There is a discussion that ends in the concession that is not possible due to the fact that not every location would agree to the rules required to place a drop box on site.

It is brought up that early voting locations will not accept Absentee Ballots(Ballot Applications seemed to have been mailed to every active voter in the county).

Communications Update

Release for recount is upcoming soon

Future Meetings

December 11th

Director’s Update

Already discussed in other items on the agenda

Board Comments

Meeting Adjourned

Did you know that the public can attend Board of Registration and Elections meetings? 

These meetings are open to the public by Georgia law. Georgia Open Meetings Act.

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