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Henry County Board of Elections Meeting 12/09/20

Members Present: 

Andy Calloway
Donna Crumbley

Ameika Pitts 

Dan Richardson

Mildred Schmelz

Tosin oke

Meeting start:1:00 Meeting end: 1:30

Motions to approve minutes from the previous meetings all called to order.

Ms Pitts gives updates on ballot dropboxes in the county. 

She says the board ordered one and it will be delivered between 12/10-12/15

Ms Oke suggests that the county should have a dropbox for each of the districts in the County.

Ms.Schmelz says Chris Harvey emailed her stating that there were 12 dropboxes the county could use that were ready to be shipped at no cost. The county would only have to pay for installation and cameras. The boxes were first come first serve but the county already requested 2. 

 The Ctco Grant is discussed next by Ms Pitts. She says the board has to have all of the grant money spent before January 31,2021. The grant money was used in part for the November election and for another dropbox.

Mr Calloway asked if Ms Pitts can put the record of spending for the grant in a debit credit report for the board.

Ms. Crumbley says that she has received many calls and emails regarding the legality of receiving the funds of the CTCO grant since its funded by Mark Zuckerberg.

Ms Pitts states that the Grant is legal.

She also asks if any of the grant money was used to pay any poll workers and temporary poll employees.

Ms Pitts says no and that the only poll workers being used for the election were already on paper as working for the county.

Calloway asks if there is any possibility of paying poll workers hazard pay out of the grant money.

Pitts says the funds have to be spent by 1/31/21 so she doesn’t think that would be possible but she would check will the legal team before making any attempts.

Ms Pitts gives information about the recount stating that it starting last wednesday at 12/2/20 and ended sunday 12/6/20 with no significant change in results. She says the county along with the state has certified the election.

Ms Oke presents the former member of the board Dan Richardson with an appreciation award for his work on the Henry County Board of elections. Dan has previously served 2 years on the board.

Ms Oke has sent the preliminary 2021 board of election meeting dates. She says the date in January has been moved up from the 1st wednesday it would be January 13,2021 the 3rd wednesday.

The Declaration of the Republican party is Presented by Mr Calloway.

Mr Calloway states the intent if the Republication party to request to have monitors to check signatures of the absentee ballots received by the county.

Mr.Schmelz says the county has posted different early voting schedules in the website and newspaper.

Ms Pitts and Oke ensure that the schedules will be checked to improve accuracy.

Mr Calloway asks if there were any threats of Harassment during the recount sessions.

Ms Pitts said that there were a few incidents that popped up but that they were handled accordingly by the local Sheriff’s office.

Motion to adjourn the meeting

Motion adjourned. 

Did you know that the public can attend Board of Registration and Elections meetings? 

These meetings are open to the public by Georgia law. Georgia Open Meetings Act.

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