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Cobb County Board of Elections Meeting 01/14/21

Meeting called to order at 12:00pm

All board members were present either in person or remotely plus Janine Eveler and one other man who might have been the attorney.

PUBLIC COMMENT – there was no public comment.


Janine shared the election report.

First precinct to report in: Marietta 4B (done a great job)

Last precinct to report in:

When results get uploaded:

Big Shanty 01 and ____02 (?)– left their ballots behind. They were able to contact someone to reopen the polling locations to retrieve the ballots.

Donnell 01 – left poll pads at the location.  They were not able to contact anyone to let them back in, so Supervisor had to retrieve them the next day.

All items were locked and sealed.

Eligible voters – 543,424

Voted – 359,099

Turnout = 66.08% Highest ever for a run-off

Provisional ballots issued – 682

Provisional ballots counted – 474

Absentee ballots issued – 260,994

Absentee ballots received by election day – 241,737

Absentee ballots received after election day – 168 (82 were cured)

Total counted – 241,905

2/3 of voters had voted before election day.

Election Summary – approximately 1/3 in each category

Voted on Election Day – 116,730

Advanced Voting – 114,106

Absentee Voting – 127,789

Motion to certify election passed 5-0

Approval of minutes for 12/29/20 and 1/5/21 – approved 5-0

Janine had no other regular business to discuss.

Phil had questions about items being left behind at polling locations.  Janine talked about it being part of the learning process for the new equipment, etc.  Phil asked if location managers and workers had a checklist.  Janine said yes.  Phil commended everyone for their hard work and great performance of Cobb County.

Phil also asked how the run-off percentages compared with general election and previous run-off elections.  Janine said that the general election had a turnout of 73%.  Previous high for a run-off election was 45%.

Next regular meeting is February 8, 2021 at 4pm.

Motion to adjourn approved 5-0

Meeting adjourned at approximately 12:15pm.

Did you know that the public can attend Board of Registration and Elections meetings? 

These meetings are open to the public by Georgia law. Georgia Open Meetings Act.

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